Cabinet meeting: Status at airport unchanged

Monday, January 25, 2021

The Cabinet in its weekly session decided to keep the status at the airport unchanged.

The ministers were briefed by the Minister of Health Sheikh Dr. Bassel Al-Humoud Al-Sabah about latest developments concerning the novel coronavirus that has been spreading rapidly at the global level, where number of the infected neared 100 million, with fatalities exceeding two million.

The minister addressed his fellow executives about the local health status, namely counts of the casualties and the ministry measures intended to contain the pandemic, as well as vaccination of the citizens with Pfizer-BionTech as planned.

The government called anew on the citizens and residents of the country to remain acting seriously, taking all necessary precautions against the virus.

Also in this vein, the cabinet decided to delay shifting to the "second phase" regarding the reoperation of commercial flights to Kuwait International Airport until further notice and assigned the civil aviation authority to lower number of commercial flights via the airport indefinitely.


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