Should ‘freedoms’ given to citizens be ‘restricted’ too?

Aleena Anna Abraham, IIK Young Contributor
Thursday, January 21, 2021

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony,” a quote by Mahatma Gandhi. What is freedom? The simple answer to this question would be the right to act, talk, or think as one wants. But what is freedom under the Indian Constitution? The Right to freedom is one of the Fundamental Rights guaranteed by the Constitution of India. As we all know we got independence in the year 1947 from the British, and we made a constitution. But is that Book Still worth it? Have any political Leaders read it? The freedom Mahatma Gandhi gave us is fading, and before it’s too late we must hold it back or else we won’t have that in the future.

What is the current situation in India? The freedom for farmers is being fought over the years again and again. And still, has the government done anything for them? A quick question where do we get our food from? Mainly our food comes from plants, crops, leaves, roots, etc. and they don’t grow on their own, someone has to loosen the soil, mix the fertilizers, and they have to do all the seven producers of making crops. Farmers, feed us and what are we giving them in return? We are not giving them the freedom that they deserve. They didn’t come asking for money, the only thing they asked the government for was freedom, their right to freedom. Just because of their lower class, doesn’t mean they will say yes to whatever they are asked to do. If the farmers stop working and go for other occupations, then the whole world is going to starve. Over the years do you know how many farmers have committed suicide? Not one or two but 296,438 farmers have committed suicide, and they are still protesting. The government and the politicians have time for other important stuff, but they don’t have time to sit and listen to the farmers. And do you know that India has the highest record when it comes to farmers' suiciding? The problems in our country these days are the result of people forgetting that freedom must be maintained and paid for with authority and offers. Our grandparents and our former leaders struggled, sacrificed, and worked hard to give us our current level of comfort. But right now the current government are acting like the British, is this why they came up to these positions? To take away the only thing we have, freedom is not something that should be demanded, it’s something that should be given and that’s the basic right of every citizen of our country. Freedom fighters, all fought for us, and that is the reason we all are alive now, and they promised us that we will get freedom. We must come together to not let joint hatred come between us and live up to the Indian dream of these freedom fighters. Only then will we honor their sacrifices and memory.

The lower class is still fighting for their true freedom, will their voices be heard? Why are they still the ones? Why is India still fighting over the caste differences? Isn’t it time to stop fighting and start acknowledging the fact that we all are the same and there’s no high class or low class among us? I guess these caste differences are still being fought because parties were formed in that manner, and a particular caste only votes for the party that upholds their caste. This must be changed, or else will India ever get flourished? The government can restrict our freedom, but they can’t restrict our rights! I would like to end this by saying freedom is something that should be fought, not once, but over and over again until you get it.

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