Is feminism good or bad ??

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

First of all what you will be reading ahead are just my opinions , no offense to anyone in any way .

There are people out there telling women should have equal rights . I agree to that . Women should have equal opportunities.I agree to that of equality between genders . Feminism is not what you force people to accept , it is what should be understood .

The point of feminism is that women and men should have equal rights and equal chances of presenting themselves . HOWEVER some feminists are abusing this title they’ve got and have turned the aim of feminism from female quality to female supremacy. This is not the way it is done. The concept of feminism was created to help society create a world where men and women have equal rights. Some feminists also say they care about equality to shield themselves from any arguments that challenge their ideology and practices. Now this is what I don’t agree to in feminism. They’ve become feminists just because they have a personal stake there .

I am not a feminist but neither am I a disapprover of feminism , so I totally agree with the concept of 49% women and 51% men because there are some situations in which even those so called feminists will be forced to agree ., one to name is - women have their menstruation which doesn’t allow them to become priests or pandits or mullahs …. In such cases , you must give priority to men . There is no harm in giving men a little , not completely , only a little more priority to women .

With the rise of Feminism we have been seeing a much larger amount of divorces and Family schisms. Women are now demanding equality with their husbands and if they can't have it , they do the obvious thing of filing a divorce. In return the children are now left with divorced parents who hate each other. Also feminism seems to me to be quite selfish. We have women who are DEMANDING power at home and in the work place. Why don’t women want to understand that having all the power doesn’t make them superior or not having the power of something doesn’t make them inferior.

And if we dig into this issue further, we are focusing on women's rights and not men's rights, by which we are immediately creating a divide which separates the genders, thus our method hones in on only female issues and not men's issues, and this alienates a large proportion of males. Whether there are more issues regarding women's rights over men's, and I imagine there is, is made redundant by the fact that feminists solely focus on their own gender, which creates the divide. So , If we want to talk about the issues involving inequality in our society, it must be made universal, and not something which only applies to women.

Why I am saying this is because we have to think practically in such matters . For example , if (god forbid) a war breaks out , what is the first thing that will be prioritized- better people to defend at the borders or spend time deciding how to give equality to both men and women in the war? Exactly we will always make a better army to defend ourselves . Thus understanding this matter practically is really important .

The world is very huge and us so small and our problems even smaller . we don’t exactly understand why nature has made us in this way . if we all were meant to be equal , we would have been created in the same way , wouldn’t we ? Yes, women should have equal rights and should be given importance in every field but we should also understand that there is a need to give men at least some priority. So I believe there is no harm if all people accept the concept of 49% women and 51% men. I don’t know what to call it, but the concept if thought about deeply, really makes sense. What do you people think about it?

Hritika N Kademani
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