Shaadi-ki-story 1

Hussain Mansoor Ali
Sunday, November 22, 2020

Hello, I am Hussain and I met Ameena about 17 years ago. It was love at first sight for me. Our love story started after she said 'yes' to my feelings for her. When our story came out into the open and her family found out about us, there was a lot of furore over the class differences. It was the ususal filmy rich girl vs. poor boy love story. But we were not the weak or timid kind! On 7th July 2007, we decided to elope from our homes. On 9th July 2007, we eloped but after a few days of hide-and-seek, we were found by the police and our families. We were 'explained' and made to understand by our families and made to separate.

Life then took a turn and I landed with a job in Kuwait. I worked hard here for a couple of years and made myself 'capable' of seeking Ameena's hand in marriage from her family. And we got married on 9th October 2011.

Today, nine years later, we have 2 kids and we live happily. Since 4 years, my family is with me and we live happily together!!!


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