Safety Measures to be Taken While Bursting Firecrackers

Eimilee Sara Ninan, IX-A, ICSK Khaitan
Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Diwali is the 5 days festival of light celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs and Jains across the world. But other religious too share the joy and celebrate this day. Diwali signifies the triumph of good over evil, righteousness over treachery, of truth over falsehood, and of light over darkness.

The Diwali celebrations are incomplete without bursting crackers, especially for kids. The Chinese believed that loud bursting sounds of lights would ward off and scare evil and notorious spirits away, it has become a custom picked up and followed by other countries and India. But the apex court has further directed that the use of firecrackers would only be allowed from 8-10 PM on Diwali. As much as burning crackers are fun it has its effects and dangers too.

•Bursting firecrackers can lead to restlessness, temporary or permanent hearing loss, high blood pressure and sleep disturbances.
•It pollutes the environment by releasing harmful gases and causes air pollution. It also contributes to noise pollution by producing loud noises. Firecrackers can also hurt children while bursting them.
•Firing crackers on Diwali increase the concentration of dusts and pollutants in the air. After firing, the dust particles get settled on the surrounding surfaces. It is packed with chemicals like copper, zinc, lead, sulphur, nitrogen, etc.
•The deafening crackers cause temporary deafness in animals and disorient birds. Birds get affected by the light and may become blind too.
To be safe while bursting crackers, here are some safety measures to be followed-
•Burst crackers in the open, make sure objects around you are not easily flammable.
•Never leave Children alone, especially while bursting the crackers and make sure they do not go near it.
•We should avoid burning crackers because they cause respiratory problems, but if we are bursting crackers, its better to cover our mouths. We can also use masks.
•Always keep water and sand around. They help extinguish incase there is any mishap.
•Wear anti-glare glasses to avoid harm to our eyes, especially from harmful smoke.
•Stand at distance from the crackers to make sure it doesn’t burn you.
•Wear cotton clothes instead of nylon and make sure to be wearing shoes while bursting crackers.
•Keep first-aid kits to be prepared for danger and keep ointment ready too.

Hope you all follow these safety measures and enjoy your diwali. Stay Safe and Advanced Happy Diwali.

Eimilee Sara Ninan, IX-A, ICSK Khaitan


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