Diwali celebrated by NRI

Sarang Krishnan, IV-B, IES Bhavans
Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Crackers have begun!!!!This year (2020) on Nov 14 on children’s day!!

Everyone is busy buying crackers and making dishes.At night, crackers burst up in the orchard sky, Magic fruits burst in to pieces.

But it is covid, so only, online invitation. We can make sweets which are delicious like Laddoo, Peda, and Jalebi etc. As Catherine wheels come as god’s discus to our home. We keep lights which keep our home beautiful. Goddess Durga and Lord Rama are worshipped. We can only celebrate through in online meeting apps by showing crackers and how decorated our home with colourful diyas. Children have fun with their friends and their family by playing games in their Diwali holidays. We wear new dresses. We can conduct online competition.

We have to understand this pandemic situation by keeping social distancing, wearing masks.etc to protect ourself.

Happy Diwali

Sarang Krishnan, IV-B, IES Bhavans


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