Diwali Celebration by NRI’s

Aishwarya sharma , VI-L, FAIPS, DPS
Monday, October 19, 2020

A exhilarating , admirable and a grand festival that takes place in the bottom of our hearts is Diwali .

Diwali is a festival of lights and surely you would agree that this festival brings everyone so charmed up and it appears to me that the loud crackers just add the cherry on the top . It is vital that the delicious handmade food really makes Diwali feel so much better .Demonstrating that the air of Diwali adds a big bundle of happiness . The cheerful behaviour of the people during Diwali indicates so much happiness which makes the Diyas and lanterns shine brighter ever than before .

A crispy and spicy samosa that no one can say no to , aloo bonda -this is a street side snack from south India and I am sure that this dish will woo your taste buds and Murkuu which is a popular Diwali snack that is made in the southern region of India Gulab jamun , Onion bhaji are some examples of delicious recipes which symbolizes Diwali more .In other words Diwali can be also said as Dipawli . Many featured religions like Hinduism ,

Sikhism , Jainism and Buddhism celebrate Diwali

All over the India . Some common observations in peoples houses During Diwali are Diya and lighting , home decoration ,fireworks , prayers , gifts , feasts and sweets too. Shopping is also one thing that people have craze on during Diwali.


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