No update on entry ban on 32 countries. Entry via the third country is possible

Sunday, September 13, 2020

The status of direct entry ban from 32 countries remains the same, and no changes have been made in this decision yet. Any update in this is still awaiting evaluation by the health authorities for review.

Meanwhile, the entry of national from these 32 countries via any third country, which is not in the banned list, will continue. The traveller needs to stay in any other country for a minimum of 14 days before entering Kuwait. There is no change in this decision.

There was a widespread rumour saying Kuwait may ban this indirect entry also as the number of cases among the arrival passengers is on the rise. However, there has been no change in the requirements in this regard.

The local Arabic media reported that the ban on direct entry and allowing them to enter via a third country is a lost opportunity for Kuwait. The neighbouring countries were quick to take this opportunity by attracting travellers from 32 countries with the promotion of tourism offers for more than two weeks, even by providing medical examination for travellers.


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