Vikram V
Tuesday, September 8, 2020

What is focus? Perhaps it is best explained through some examples.

First, focus needs to be on the right things. If not, it is a waste of time and energy and even negative. Let me quote an example, which can easily resonate with all of us. You would have seen videos of mobile snatchers grabbing cell phones from unsuspecting people on the street. These people are so focused on their phones; they have virtually no awareness of their surroundings. In fact, even when the phone is being grabbed they are probably thinking it is happening on their screen! This is a good example of great but unwanted focus. In short, focus on things that really matters.

Focus also means doing an in-depth analysis of a subject. Focus should be so profound that you should be able to answer fifth-sixth derivative questions on a subject. For example, let us assume the subject is gravity. The following can be a series of introspecting questions on this subject. The ball always drops down. This is because of gravity - that was easy. However, what causes Gravity? The earth causes gravity – this again was not so difficult. However, why does the earth induce gravitational pull? Maybe because of its magnetic field – that was not easy! Why does the earth have a magnetic field – no idea at all on one. You can see the deeper we delve into a subject the weaker our understanding is. In short, focus on depth and not breadth if you want to become a specialist.

Focus is also an unwavering attention and commitment to a goal, a purpose or even a passion. It means every ounce of energy should be directed towards a desired objective. As they say, “you must eat, breathe and drink your goals”. A good example is of a batsman during a test match. He requires unrelenting focus given the number of deliveries he potentially faces during a five-day test match. His focus is not on the crowd, not on the non-striker and not even on the bowler. His focus is always on the ball, every delivery. Period! Sounds simple, but hard to achieve when you may have to face up to 300-400 deliveries in a test innings. Try and develop a laser like focus on your goals.


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