38 years as expatriate in Kuwait, Premsan Kayamkulam receives warm farewell from Associates

Monday, September 7, 2020

Premsan Kayamkulam, a veteran from Kerala, India has been serving as expatriate in Kuwait since 1983 has decided to move back to homeland for good was honored by Global Kerala Pravasi Association (GKPA) officials on 5th September 2020 at his home considering best COVID-19 safety protocols.

Mr. Premsan arrived Kuwait as a safety officer for Ahmadi Refinery projects in 1983, served for few companies and later working as Safety Administrator in HSBC of Syed Hameed Behbehani Co. He has been serving his society very passionately along with OICC, Sarati Kuwait and GKPA for the well being of co-expatriates from Kerala.

Leading a role of GKPA Kuwait chapter VP in 2017, became the President for 2 consecutive years 2018 & 19 till date. Actively lead the GKPA social volunteers for supporting hundreds of needy Indians in Kuwait for utilizing amnesty period, lead the team for supplying 1200 food kits in lockdown time due to COVID-19.

Mr Premsan along with the career growth, didn’t forget the society back in homeland, was providing handful support for education of economically backward children , treatments of poor people in India and Kuwait as well. He is also chief associate of Indian Anti Corruption Mission.

Global Kerala Pravasi Association- GKPA a global platform for expatriate Kerala state people in India is focusing on relocation of returnee expatriate to guide them on creating income earning in home country has welcomed Mr Premsan for his extended service back in Kerala.

Even at 66 age, he is stroll young at his passions , ambitions to serve the society has stated that he is thankful to all who were along with him for his success and will continue his life motive of serving expatriate society back in India.


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