The Intellectuals

Nishitha Ann John, IIK Young Contributor
Wednesday, September 2, 2020

From slates to smartboards,
Decades have passed, lifestyle has changed,
Did the manuals to our lives change?
Yes, it did in appearance and style,
The human manuals have changed
But their Aim to Become a Manual didn't budge.

Living in a personal bubble of problems,
they never mixed it in their profession.
Their profession was their passion,
A passion which needed some of the most important qualities.
Being Patient was their virtue,
Preparing notes and papers were their commitment,
Supporting us was their wish which they did happily
Reserving their present for our future was their love.

Different attitudes and styles, do they possess
Different mentality and different subject degrees do they acquire,
But don't they have something in common?
One Linear Aim do they have !
To teach us, to transform us into much better minds !

Do not forget our First Teachers - Our Parents!
If we learned to run,
our first steps were with the help of our mother's and father's hands!
If we learned to pen our thoughts
The first pencil was given to us by our parents
They held it between our fingers and showed us the way forward!
Teaching us the important Life lessons,
Aren't they Our 'Forever Teachers?'

When we behave in an arrogant manner or disobey them or even when we disappoint them, some Teachers and Sirs either tolerate it or even burst out.

A big salute to all teachers for tolerating their children and many more indescribable reasons. We all love you!

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