Bhavans Toastmasters Club and Bhavans Kuwait Malayalam Toastmasters Club Celebrated Onam Online

Monday, August 31, 2020

“Onam,” the harvest festival of Kerala, the pride of every Malayalee was celebrated in the most exuberant way through Zoom media, in the joint meeting of Bhavans Toastmasters Club and Bhavans Kuwait Malayalam Toastmasters Club on 28th August 2020 Friday from 3.45 till 7p m. The meeting was really a compelling one as the virtual celebration of Onam raised all the bars of celebration irrespective of the pandemic, and it became a proven proof of the strong mindset and fraternity of Malayalees.

The meeting was officially started by TM Anu Chandran, the Sergeant at Arms of both BTC and BKMTC, by reading the club mission and stating the ground rules for the Zoom meeting. Since the meeting was a unity in diversity with Indians from multi states and different nationalities, TM Anu gave a short description of the myth of Onam and Mahabali; the king ruled in Kerala, who was the incarnation of all virtues. TM Anu then handed over the virtual podium to DTM Premugh Bose, the President of Bhavans Kuwait Malayalam Toastmasters Club. DTM Premugh welcomed everyone who joined the meeting from the Middle East and India to scintillate the special Onam meeting. Through the welcome address, DTM Premugh Bose reinforced the magnanimity of the festival Onam which is the perfect blend of liberty, equality and fraternity. DTM Premugh then introduced the Masters of the ceremony, TM Bijo P. Babu and TM Rosmin Soyous.

The Masters of the ceremony really gave a verbal banquet to the audience through their mellifluous anchoring and perfect diction of words. TM Bijo P. Babu reminded that Onam is a festival of togetherness and happiness, and neither the pandemic nor the flood can extinguish the spirit of Onam from a Malayalee. TM Rosmin reminisced the childhood days when small children went far and wide to collect a variety of flowers and casted light on the different art forms of Kerala like Thiruvathira, Kaikottikkali, Thumbithullal, etc.

The felicitation by DTM George Meladan, the chairman of the World Malayalam Toastmasters Executive Committee, gave the glimpses of ancient Kerala and entertained the audience by singing the folk song, “Maveli nadu vanidum kalam”….DTM George urged the audience not to limit the togetherness and fraternity merely during calamities but throughout life. The virtual Thiruvathira, performed by TM Bhavitha, TM Sheeba,TM Rosmin, Mrs. Beena Sasikrishnan, Mrs. Seema Jiju, Mrs Sindhu Manoj, Miss Breeza Bright, Miss Emil Manoj, and Miss Essa Manoj gave a visual treat to the audience.

The keynote speaker Mr. Babuji Batheri, an eminent public speaker and social worker of Kuwait, expressed his mirth on celebrating the Onam without losing the spirit irrespective of all the challenges. Mr. Babuji thrived the audience through his profound speech. He reminded that Onam is a transition period for every Malayalee, from poverty to richness, from hunger to sadya, the real banquet, and added the importance of protecting the flora and fauna of Kerala. Mr. Babuji reminded that what we sow, so we reap, and the natural calamities are the best examples and motivated everyone to turn to nature since Kerala had an agricultureoriented culture. Mr. Babuji also pointed out the importance of nurturing the groves, which are the perfect ecosystem. Mr.Babuji could win the hearts of the audience that the speech was ended with thunderous applause.

All the programs presented on the virtual podium of the joint meeting reminded the audience that Onam is a special feeling and a festival, which is celebrated by people of all ages irrespective of the cast creed or religion. The songs and presentations of children of Toastmasters added much beauty to the meeting. Songs by Miss Anjana Santhosh, Keyboard play by Master Darshan Jiju, a magic show by Master Alwin Santhosh, songs by Miss Deena Elza George, Miss Aleena Elza Bijo, Miss Essa Manoj, and drums by Masters Eric Manoj, Johan Jai Mathew, ad Joaquin Jai Mathew were complimenting the meeting which turned it to a family festival.
In his felicitation DTM Anilkumar G. Revanker, the charter member of Bhavans

Toastmaster club wished everyone an Onam of happiness and togetherness. DTM Xavier Yesudas, the Division E Director, reinstated that its not fear, but awareness is more needed to defeat the pandemic and wished everyone a happy Onam.

The floral carpets, “Athapookkalam,” presented by TM Jiju and family and TM Bhavitha and family, brought the Onam feeling and both pookkalams, depicted the artistry through the intricate designs and color combinations.

TM Sasikrishanan, the well-known artist, not only enchanted the audience with his impromptu drawing but also by rendering a poem on Onam and his mother, written by himself. The drawing of TM Sasikrisnan was embellished by the mellifluous rendering of Onam songs by TM Mahesh Iyer, the nightingale of BTC.

The poetess of BKMTC, the Area 19 Director, TM Sheeba enshrined the audience with her flawless rendering of a poem written by herself about “Onam.”

The Anthakshari program conducted by TM Beetha and TM Prashanth won the hearts of the audience since they all got a chance to showcase the singers in them.

TM Binoy captured the audience with his soft rendering of a Malayalam movie song, “melle melle mukhapadam”…

The Table Topic session was handled by TM John Parapurath. The video song sung by the members and the chat show named “Ona thallu” all seemed like the pearls in the chain of program.

The meeting, which was attended by a multitude of audiences, was winded up with the vote of thanks by TM Santhosh Pathrose, the President of Bhavans Toastmasters Club. TM Santhosh expressed his sincere gratitude to all the members who proved, “Team is not only a group of people who work together but who trust together.”

Most of the guests expressed their gratitude for the invitation, and the virtual Onam treat provided to them through the joint meeting.

DTM Sunil Thomas and TM Jiju Ramankulathu were the moderators and provided the IT support throughout the program.

Before the curtain fall, the whole team of Bhavans Toastmasters and Bhavans Kuwait Malayalam Toastmasters had a kottikkalasham by singing vanchipattu, the traditional folk song of Kerala. The meeting envisaged the real equality and fraternity of not only Keralites but also Toastmasters.


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