Tinge of Humanity

Saturday, August 29, 2020

The covid times call for constrained and covert measures.There are some people who are born for higher things.Their manner of thinking ,their core humane values are always a cut above the rest., similarly we have Mr Shibu Paul the charioteer of one of the leading gas company in Kuwait Boubyan Gas Company,whose down to earth demeanour and his nonpareil passion for volleyball has become the talk of the town.Amidst the covid melodrama when the whole world is in a standstill ,the Boubyan strikers volleyball team with its charioteer Mr Shibu Paul ,coach Mr Noel Cutinha and treasurer Mr Paulose have come out with a humane initiative of reaching out to a person who had been an ardent volleyball player of his times but the vicious pangs of cancer engulfed him thoroughly and he is undergoing treatment .Boubyan strikers took pride in helping this person with their contribution and helping his family during this hard times.A cheque of Rs 25000 was issued to Mr Divakaran Koche ethara on behalf of Boubyan strikers setting a model to the whole world.

We believe in giving out to the world a tinge of hope and love amidst the covid times.D during this challenging times we the Boubyan family rekindled a ray of hope and affection to Mr Divakaran and his family.


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