Writers’ Forum Kuwait celebrates Indian Independence Day

Monday, August 24, 2020

It was a patriotic moment when the members of the Writers’ Forum Kuwait gathered on Zoom platform on Friday, 15th August 2020, to celebrate the Independence Day of India. Due to the ongoing pandemic and social distancing norms, the celebration was restricted to a virtual platform. Though physically apart, the members’ hearts were bonded together by a common cord - “love for the nation”.

At the inception, the Gen Secretary of the Forum, Mrs. Nazneen Ali paid tribute to late legendary Urdu poet Dr. Rahat Indori by reciting his patriotic couplets.
She then invited the President of the Forum and famous Urdu critic Mrs. Maimuna Ali Chougle to preside over the meeting while Hindi and Kannada poet Ameeruddin Ameer was requested to be the Chief Guest of the evening.

The meeting started with the opening speech of Mrs. Maimuna Ali Chougle in which she addressed the members on the occasion of India’s Independence Day. She mentioned that despite the ongoing pandemic, Indians across the world have celebrated their Independence Day. These celebrations, though in a different way than usual, the patriotism reflected was no lesser than the prior years.

The meeting then continued to its session of poetry in which the members recited their beautiful creations. The spirit of Patriotism, Nationalism and Chauvinism was the core of almost all the recitations. While some of the poets praised the Nation for its achievements, other paid tribute to the freedom fighters, while some recognized the soldiers who protect the country’s border and some mentioned the challenges faced by the nation. The monotony of the recitations was broken by poems on other subjects like current pandemic situation, power of poetry etc. that were touched by some of the members.
The following poets recited in the meeting; Aamir Diwan, Mrs. Nazneen Ali, Mrs. Chayya Athavale, Mrs. Anupama Chaturvedi and Dr. (Mrs.) Radhika Guleri Bhardwaj (Hindi) and Shakeel Jamshedpuri, Sabir Omer (Urdu).

In the end, the Chief Guest, Ameeruddin Ameer recited his Kannada poem in a very melodious way. He expressed his gratitude to the members for honoring him to be the Chief Guest in the Independence Day’s special meeting. He mentioned that listening to such inspiring and unparalleled creations is such a rejoicing experience that it feels as if each meeting is a celebration in itself.

The President of the evening Mrs. Maimuna Chougle recited her poetry in Urdu. She expressed her contentment over the activities of the Forum and mentioned that the members are the pillars on which the Forum stands. She mentioned that each member has the same emotions for the nation that is expressed in a different poetic style. She wished health and safety everyone.

Forum’s members Mrs. Sabiha Bilgrami, Mrs. Madhulika Mohta, Rajiv Athavale, Biswa Ranjan and Mohan Singh were also present in the meeting.
The meeting concluded by thanking Mrs Sabiha Bilgrami for arranging the meeting and with a hope to see each other soon.


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