Around 100,000 people left Kuwait in June: 30,000 Indians

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Based on the statistics released by the Director-General of Civil Aviation, 102,623 people left Kuwait in the month of June, reported Al Qabas Arabic newspaper. 590 flights were operated from Kuwait International Airport to various destinations carrying the people who wish to leave Kuwait including the deportees.

According to the report, Egyptian community tops the list. Around 49,986 Egyptians left the country in 293 flights in June followed by 30,033 Indian left in 185 flights.

6492 expats left to Qatar in 32 flights. These are mainly European and American nationals where they travel through Qatar to their destination.

The total number of departures to Iran is 2,500 Iranians on 11 flights. At the same time, 2022 passengers departed to Bangladesh on seven flights, and 2113 left to Nepal on 15 trips, while the total departures to Ethiopia reached 1386 passengers on ten trips, followed by Sudan and Pakistan with a total number of 725 passengers in 4 flights.


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