42 companies warned for violating the ban of working under sunlight

Monday, June 29, 2020

42 companies issued a notice for violating the ban of working under direct sunlight during the summer. According to a local report, 42 companies recorded the first time violation.

The statistics indicated from 20 to 25 of this month, occupational safety inspectors organized 29 visits to the worksites in open areas during which 63 workers were seen violating the decision and that they had been warned.

However, during the second visit, the inspectors found them adhering to the decision issued by the concerned authority that forbids working directly under the heat of the sun at noontime.

Citizens and residents are requested to call the Hotline (99444800) to report the violations.

Earlier, Kuwait had announced the ban of work under the sunlight during the summer to preserve the safety and health of workers in the private sector.


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