Popular Indian Food Blogger Hebbar's Kitchen interacted with Kuwait Audience on IIK Talks

IIK Staff Reporter
Sunday, June 28, 2020

In an exclusive live 'IIK Talks', popular Indian food blogger 'Hebbar's Kitchen' interacted with the readers of IndiansinKuwait.com in a webinar organized by Indiansinkuwait.com. Mrs Archana Hebbar and Mr Sudarshan Hebbar the couple behind Hebbar's Kitchen shared some exclusive recipes for the readers of IIK during the webinar.

As lockdown continues and many of us are at home, experimenting with different cooking styles, the couple behind the popular food blog 'Hebbars Kitchen' shared the tips and tricks in cooking and clarified many of the queries raised by the audience.

Based in Australia, the couple from Karnataka started their journey of Hebbars Kitchen in 2015 by making videos of their cooking using the mobile phone camera and selfie stick, today it is one of the number one food bloggers with more than 11 million followers in social media. Till date they have uploaded around 1400 videos of popular vegetarian recipes, Mrs Archana told. Their recipe for "Rava Dosa" was received by more than 40 million views. "As we are from Karnataka, currently we are also trying to translate these videos into Kannada and Hindi languages," Mr Sudharshan told during the live session.

Various questions shared by our readers were discussed and several tips on baking, healthy cooking etc were discussed. Hebbars also showed their new recipe of 'Vermicelli Custard', 'Left over Roti Laddoo' and 'Masala peanuts' to the audience in its exclusive preview. Those recipes will be uploaded to their channel very soon, Hebbars told.

"It is your passion towards this will make you a successful blogger", Hebbars said. One must have continuous passion towards this. It will take a lot of your time to do researches on new recipes and to prepare new recipes. If you continue this with the same passion and dedication, you can also become a successful food blogger, Hebbars said.

A large number of readers attended the IIK Talks. IndiansinKuwiat.com will continue its IIK Talks on various subjects with the experts in coming days. More details will be announced on the website.

View recorded IIK Talks here:

IIK Talk with celebrity Food blogger Hebbar's Kitchen


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