Spirit of Debate Again at FAIPS (DPS)

Monday, June 22, 2020

Encapsulating the spirit of debating, FAIPS (DPS) organised an Online Inter School English Debate Competition on Saturday, 13th June 2020, on the Zoom platform. This was another successful event organised by the School to make the current lockdown period stress free for the students and to enable them to articulate their thoughts and ideas freely.

The topic of the debate, ‘POST COVID 19 – A GAME CHANGER FOR THE FUTURE’, attracted active participation from nine Indian schools across Kuwait, with two contestants from each participating school, one speaking ‘For’ and the other ‘Against’ the given proposition. Mrs. Jyoti Kathju, Mr. Surya Prakash and Mr. Xavier Muthu, all eminent personalities in the field of public speaking joined in from India and Kuwait as judges for the competition.

The participants, armed with supporting data, displayed right facial expressions and voice modulation to make their arguments emphatic. While conducting themselves exceptionally well, they exhibited supreme confidence and great oratory skills. The judges and the audience were left speechless as they argued and counter argued during the rebuttal rounds demonstrating their eloquence and clarity of thought.

The First place was bagged by Indian Learners Own Academy while the Second position was jointly shared by The Indian Community School Kuwait (Seniors) and Integrated Indian School. The Third position was secured by Salmiya Indian Model School (SIMS). FAIPS participants, Anshel Saldanha (Gr.12) and Haleema Hana Shamsheer (Gr.11) clearly overshadowed their competitors with their sheer persuasive prowess and articulation. But exemplifying the elegance of a host, FAIPS chose to keep out of the honours list graciously.

Strongly believing in perfect team work, the Principal Mr. Ravi Ayanoli credited the remarkable success of the event to the Department of English and to the entire committee set up for the debate. He expressed his gratitude to all the staff and students who were a part and parcel in making this event a successful one. The display put up by the students made the online event truly memorable.

As the country is combating a pandemic on a war footing, FAIPS (DPS) is leaving no stone unturned to deliver its best even in such unprecedented times. The school is not only helping the students in academics, but also involving them in various activities to make them invest their day in a better and productive manner. DPS has brought education in its true sense to the doorstep of its students.

The competition was an enthralling experience for everyone.


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