A Father

Nishitha Ann John, IIK Young Contributor
Sunday, June 21, 2020

Providing a shade in those rough arms
Providing us the essentials we need,
Observing us with a camera,
Clicking our special moments,
Listening to our long stories
Bearing our antics with patience
You, Pappa, were always there for us.

Even when we have grown to this teenage,
You are there beside us, as a constant support
As a constant companion
A guide to our journey, as our instructor.
Defining you with words is indeed tough
We might not throw antics now,
But we butter you for things we require.

When a question is being thrown, a usual one,,
Whom do you love the most?
"Your mother or your father?"
We are still baffled.
We are still searching for an answer
If there wasn't a husband's care and love,
We wouldn't have been here.
There is a question to which we have a definite answer !
A perfect answer without thinking twice..
'Who is your first love (to girls) or first hero (to boys)?
Our answer would be 'My father'.

'Pappa or Dadda' might not have been the first
The first person whom we called for,
but your secure arms are what we search for.
We might not express our love,
Our antics as it was during our childhood
But we still love you

You might have a big mustache or a stubble
You might have kept stones in your heart
But those stones are soft and delicate
Soft for us, delicate for the whole family he supports.

We have our own definitions and quotes for our father. They may be strict but they are always there for you.

We might not understand your problems, what you are going through but we assure you that our small hands will be there when you need us.
Happy Father's Day to each and every father around the globe.

Nishitha Ann John
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