My role model-my dad

Khushbu Khatree, IIK Young Contributor
Sunday, June 21, 2020

“A father is neither an anchor to hold us back nor a sail to take us there but a guiding light whose love shows us the way.”Fathers are the one who are the pillar of their family who keeps everyone happy. My father is my role model. He is the one who supports me endlessly believing in my dreams and cheering me as they become a reality. He has taught me how to work hard, to learn to make good decisions and to trust my guts. He works hard so that I deserve the best in my life. He makes sure that I feel comfortable whenever I am with him and he makes my life much better. He is the one who inspires me the most. He has helped me with many of my problems and always motivated me to work hard in anything I do. He has helped me to find my passion for art, strengthen my talents. But one of the best pieces of advice that I have received from my father that I will never forget was to trust others and make good friends. When I was younger, I struggled to trust any of my classmates and had very few friends. I was not able to talk to them because I was very shy. He helped me to gather confidence and talk to them. Whenever I feel sad he always motivates me with his talk. He lives every day of his life for us and has shown me what is important, what real success is. He is pure good. I am grateful to God that I have a father like him. He has taught me all values usually every parent teaches their child. And the greatest gift my father ever gave me was that he believes me. There aren’t words to describe what father means and what he has done. Not only today but every day we should make our fathers feel happy. On this very special day I wish all the fathers in the world “A very Happy Fathers day.”

Khushbu Khatree
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