Ramesh Chennithala one day Upvass Sathyagraha- OICC Kuwait Extends Solidarity

Saturday, June 20, 2020

OICC Kuwait extended full support for the one day Upvass Sathyagraha by Kerala Opposition Leader Ramesh Chennithala today at the Secretariat, against Kerala Govt. decision on Covid negative Certificate for expatriates who wish to return their home country, according to a press release.

All Keralites, irrespective of where they are, should jointly shoulder responsibility in spreading this serious concern raised by Rameshji, against the recent decision of not allowing expatriates to land their home country without the Covid 19 Negative Certificate, OICC Kuwait insisted.

This is an injustice towards the Expatriates, as the Govt has forgotten their priceless contribution that made Kerala to a healthy and wealthy environment. No discrimination to be imposed to them for reason whatsoever, as they are also the true citizens of India, they added.

Though it is understandable that the Govt. is taking precautions to contain the proliferation of the pandemic Covid, it is their entire responsibility also to take care of the lives of the expatriates who return home, by providing adequate tests, medication and proper quarantine, without levying any tax.

OICC Kuwait, therefore, urges once again to the Kerala Govt to withdraw the decision with immediate effect and to pave way for the expatriates return very smoothly, without forcing any hard and fast rules at this critical Juncture. This would help the expatriates to join their dear and near ones, who have been anxiously longing for their return.


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