Kala Kuwait's second chartered flight with 330 passengers flew to Kochi

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Kerala Art Lovers Association, Kala Kuwait's second chartered flight for the stranded Indians in Kuwait due to COVID-19 flew to Kochi on June 18th evening at 4.05 PM.

A total of 330 passengers were in the group, of which 322 of them includes pregnant women, patients, elderly people with age-related problems, people who lost their jobs, students heading for various examinations, and 8 babies all prioritized b??? Govt of India norms. So far, 662 people have flown to Kerala in two charted flights. Kala Kuwait's volunteer services were provided at the airport to help the passengers. Declaration forms which have to be submitted in India, drinking water, etc were provided for the travelers. All the travelers were in full satisfaction and appreciated KALA Kuwait's efforts which they have taken during such emergency situations. Kuwait President Jeothish Cherian and General Secretary CK Noushad said they would like to thank the Kuwait Government, Kuwait Airways Authorities here as well as in Kerala and others for their support for the chartered flight and said the efforts for third phase charted flight service has already started.


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