Funlia – Virtual Fun Fest May 26, 2020

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Funlia program of may 26 organized under the auspices of the ladies’ wing of pathanamthitta district association in social media platform, was led by accomplished sports psychologist, yoga trainer and assistant physical education professor of government medical college, kottayam, dr. Augustine george.

The program was well attended, liked and appreciated by all. It was a session which combined both learning and entertainment. Dr. Augustine’s masterful presentation with illustrations and frequent interactions with participants provided an opportunity for all present to have a clearer insight into yoga as an art of healthy living and a vivid awareness on different yoga exercises and its benefits, and yoga training methods.

As an introduction, yoga, which has its origin in the indus saraswati valley civilization, is india’s gift to the world. Yoga is essentially a spiritual discipline focusing on bringing harmony between mind and body and is universally applicable. It is an art and science of healthy living. The benefits of practising yoga, as were known and now explained in dr. Augustine’s presentation, are – physical well-being, mental well-being and social well-being. Persons practising yoga as a part of daily life will be benefitted with new energy and vitality in their body and mind. In short, yoga is a unique and comprehensive health program.

Yoga has now become a widely known health preserving physical conditioning program all over the world. It was earlier introduced to the west by india’s great sage and philosopher, swami vivekananda and later spread to other parts of the world by the teachings of great personalities who followed him. Indian prime minister, who himself is a practisioner of yoga exercises, is leading in the efforts of popularising yoga across the world. People world over have now begun to recognize the benefits of practising yoga and a day has been earmarked once in a year as ‘world yoga day’.

Our aim in involving dr. Augustine george in our funlia program was to instil in the minds of children in such an early stage an awareness of the importance of practicing yoga for a healthy life and living style. Dr. Augustine’s excellent discourse on yoga training and his exchange of ideas with children and parents lasting over two hours were very informative and fruitful. All who were present in the program enjoyed it fully and actively participated in the interactions.

At the end, vice president shri. Benny pathanamthitta rendered vote of thanks on behalf of pathanamthitta district association. In his concluding speech, association president, shri. Oommen george emphasized the relevance of yoga in maintaining the health of human lives and extended dr. Augustine the best wishes in his yoga training career. At the same time, the president expressed his desire that dr. Augustine as sports professor would endeavor to develop world level top sportsmen in the state of kerala, who would bring glories to the state and the country.

All in all, it was a superbly orchestrated and conducted program applauded by all who witnessed and participated in it.

Altogether, about 50 persons attended this program.


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