Rhydhunn group is 1st online singing in Kuwait

Sunday, May 31, 2020

When faced with challenging times, how does one adapt to it best, so as to find some moments of peace, tranquility, relaxation and enjoyment ?

One answer that immediately comes to mind, is through music. The benefits of music are many, it is heart-healthy, elevates moods, eases pain and is a stress-buster.

Music also has no boundaries, and unites us all, especially in today’s scenario, where words like ‘isolation’, ‘social-distancing’, ‘quarantine’ etc have made physical interaction with our friends and loved ones difficult. Thankfully, today’s technology enables us to be in touch with our family and friends, even in isolation.

RhyDhunnlive is one such platform where one can unite with friends and family with beautiful music, while still in isolation at home.

RhyDhunn is a music group which consists of people following their different professions but united in their passion for singing. It is created as a platform for nurturing talent found in local people. To that effect, RhyDhunn conducts musical events to encourage aspiring, passionate local singers to come forward and perform at the stageevent.

In view of the current Coronavirus pandemic situation and from March 2020, RhyDhunn has gone a step forward and made more than 1000 members by making use of technology beautifully by conducting live music shows 4 times everyweek through Facebook #Rhydhunnlive.

And since this is an online event, there are practically no borders for the participants, and the singers have been united through music from Kuwait to India, KSA, Oman, UAE, Netherlands to USA, Canada!

In these uncertain times, RhyDhunnlive makes constructive, positive use of time by uniting people from all over the world through music.

It is a delightful time for the entire family, as children too participate and showcase their enormous talent in a separate online music show for kids through RhyDhunnkids.

For many melodious hours, one can feel relaxed, stress-free and let the music heal us.

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All the passionate singers and music lovers can contact us 94906274 or 97269199


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