“Navratna” - Writers Forum’s Book released by Indian Ambassador

Thursday, February 13, 2020

“Indian and love for India” - this was the identity of the audience present at the Writers’ Forum Kuwait’s Book launch and Republic Day celebration event.
The evening was conveyed to an enthusiastic start with the welcome address by the General Secretary, Mrs. Nazneen Ali, who mentioned that Writers’ Forum is a unique platform that brings together all Indian Writers and poets under one umbrella, irrespective of their caste, creed or regional differences. She further mentioned that Navratna, the Forum’s multilingual book is like a bouquet of colorful flowers the fragrance of which will spread everywhere in the world of literature.

She welcomed H.E. Mr. K. Jeeva Sagar, the Ambassador of India, as the Chief Guest of the evening and Mrs. Chayya Athavale, the Forum’s Vice President and Hindi, Gujarati & Marathi Writer and poetess was requested to preside over the day’s events.

The event commenced as per Indian tradition with the lighting of the lamp by H.E. Mr. K. Jeeva Sagar (Chief Guest), and Forum’s representative Mrs. Maimuna Ali Chougle (President), Mrs. Chayya Athavale (Vice President), Mrs. Nazneen Ali (General Secretary) and Mr. Ravin Singh (Joint Secretary). This was followed by Kuwait and Indian National Anthem.

Continuing the Forum’s tradition of honoring the previous session’s President and General Secretary, H.E. Mr K. Jeeva Sagar presented Memento to Mrs. Maimuna Ali Chougle ( President for previous term also) and Mr. Sunil Sonsi (General Secretary) for their dedication and selfless services to the Forum.

The evening progressed with the Presidential Speech of Mrs. Maimuna Chougle who expressed her gratitude to H.E. Mr. K. Jeeva Sagar for sparing his precious time for the Book Launch event. She mentioned that despite technological advancement in the world, books and libraries are still a symbol of knowledge transmission and Multilingual Book “ Navratna” is Writers’ Forum’s attempt to preserve the culture of India and a step towards inculcating reading habits in the next generation. Her speech culminated with the historic moment of Book Launch “Navratna” by H.E., The Ambassador of India in presence of the members of Writers’ Forum, dignitaries and delighted audience.

In his enlightening speech H.E. Mr. K. Jeeva Sagar, mentioned that Poets and Writers are born, not made. They are the people whose pen has the power to bring revolutions. He showed his trust in Writers’ Forum mentioning that he is sure the Forum will continue its contribution towards the betterment of the society.

The evening continued in its second session where Veteran Urdu Poet Mr. Sayeed Nazar Kadpawi and Hindi / English Poetess Mrs. Madhulika Mohta, weaved chords using Urdu and Hindi Couplets to invite talent from different regions of India residing in Kuwait.

Twenty Four poets created a colorful Rainbow by reciting in nine different Indian languages. Among the reciters were Sunil Sonsi, Ravin Singh, Aamir Diwan, Mrs. Priyanka Baranwal, Mrs. Nazneen Ali, Dr. (Mrs.) Radhika Guleri Bhardwaj, Mrs. Parul Chaturvedi, Mrs. Anupama Chaturvedi and Mrs. Kavita Sarvesh (Hindi), Mrs. Kalpana Shah and Mrs. Chayya Thakkar (Gujarati), Ameeruddin Ameer (Kannada), Mrs Sabiha Bilgrami and Mrs. Madhulika Mohta (English), Pawan Pankaz ( Punjabi), Tushar Misra (Oriya), Mrs. Pallavi Nithin and Mrs. Chayya Athavale (Marathi), Mrs. Preeti Rajgolikar (Sanskrit) and Ibrahim Sange Qasid, Sabir Omer, S. Qamar Minto, Sayeed Nazar and Mrs Maimuna Chougle (Urdu).

The audience were mesmerized with the linguistic variations coupled with diversified topics touching different facets of life and some thought provoking subjects. Among the audience were Ali Chougle, Rajiv Athavale, Milind Rajgolikar, Jitendra Choudhary and other well-wishers of the forum.

In her Presidential remarks, Mrs Chayya Athavale congratulated all the members for their creativity and spellbinding renditions. She said that poets have the responsibility towards the country, education, culture etc. and so poets were historically referred to as “Kavishwar” – poets are like the creator – creator of a better world.

The event concluded with the vote of thanks by Mr. Sunil Sonsi who thanked H.E. the Ambassador of India and the Indian Embassy for their continued support to the Forum. He also acknowledged the sponsors of the event for their generosity. He appreciated the efforts of the members of Writers’ Forum for the successful Republic Day event and Book Launch. Last but not the least, he expressed his gratitude to the erudite audience for their appreciation for the Forum’s literary efforts.
The event was followed by a savoring dinner that was relished by everyone.


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