The Power of a Mother

Muhammed Rayhaan
Monday, February 3, 2020

Oh, young minds! Please don’t cry 
When you are struck with the misery of sorrow 
Remember on you always is an eye 
To implant happiness in your body hollow 
Indeed, it makes the water ripple 
And fills your heart with joy and love  
Nay, it isn't ordinary, isn’t simple  
More exquisite than an enlightin’ dove 
This human, a gift from God 
More carin’ than a friend or soother 
Much stronger than an iron rod 
Nothin' can defeat the power of a mother  
She dusts and mops, cleans and preens 
Feeds the house with love and affection 
Workin' all day for a smile to be seen 
On others faces’ feeling satisfied 
She is incomparable, truly great  
But why do we show so much ignorance 
Without her, hard would be our fate 
Never to her do we have acceptance 
Oh, young minds! You are our future 
Don’t you go lost and listen to your guide 
Yield to the power of a God-like creature 
In this bumpy roller coaster ride

Muhammed Rayhaan
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