Are We Doing Enough?

Mohammed Saqib Kalsekar
Sunday, December 29, 2019

Let me tell you a small story. There was a large family which got a gift. A beautiful sculpture with so many beautiful mini designs on it carved with such detail, beyond imagination. All the family members were very obsessed with it but for some reason they tried to add some more features to it so that it looks better but ended up ruining the sculpture’s original beauty. In the end it was all finished and the family were all full of misery. That family is the human race and the sculpture is The Earth gifted to us by god. Look at the world around you. There may be some beauty which has been left aside but the majority of your observation would be on the destruction.

We humans, in our path to development, have left nature in a pitiful state. Today, even the most magnificent scenes that we see are just ruins of what was once a fabric of splendor. We know what is happening, then why do we stay quiet. The only times we ever even consider it is when it comes as a message on Facebook or Instagram. The world has a population of over 7 and a half billion. If each one of us takes even a small step for this then it will bring about a huge change. But alas, only a meagre number of people actually step up and take action, whereas the others listen with one ear and take it out from the other. We are polluting all the stunning gifts of nature. Water, air and land are worsening day by day. People don’t understand that if water is polluted they will be left with nothing to drink. If air is polluted they will be left with nothing fresh to breathe. If land is polluted, they will only get deprived of all its uses. The effects of pollution are killing 5000-6000 people every day and a 100 million (you got the figure right) 100 million animals and birds every year. Still we could not lift a united step forward. ARE WE DOING ENOUGH? 6.5 million tons of litter enter the oceans each year half of which is plastic that will drift for hundreds of years before it is degraded.

Why do people say, someone has to step up, instead of thinking, I have to step up. I myself try my best to endow my contribution in whatever way possible. Our school had started a green club which had lasted for 2 years. In that tenure we had accomplished a great deal by enveloping our fields and building boundaries. All students contributed whatever little they could and helped in maintaining the greenery. We children had started with our nearest common environment and it didn’t take much time or efforts. If everyone goes forward a bit like this we might be able to change the picture of the world. Spreading awareness of the issue might trigger someone else who might take a landmark step towards it, which is why I do my best to make people aware of all the adverse effects of this degradation we have caused. We can reduce land pollution by segregating biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste and dumping only the biodegradable one in pits. We can maintain the purity of water by either separating the clean fresh water resources from the unhygienic use of locals and create specific zones for those purposes. Air pollution has become ineradicable but it can be controlled to a large extent by reducing the use of fossil fuels and maybe introducing some scientific methods to convert the byproducts into something useful. Humans have caused a lot of the extinctions that have taken place but now if we continue this way we might get ourselves extinct. Are you waiting for complete annihilation? So bombard as many people as you can with this question ARE WE DOING ENOUGH? and stimulate the conservationist inside everyone.

Mohammed Saqib Kalsekar
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