A Slow Poison

muhammed Rayhaan
Sunday, December 22, 2019

“The food you can eat can be either the safest and most powerful for or the slowest of poison” said Ann Wigmore

Today, the world moves at such a speed that we don’t have time for slow paced steps that we take. We, ignoring what’s around just move with the same speed to not lose track of what is happening in our proximity. The fast tempo of the world around us has brought in a lot of things which we tend to look up to as benefits. We realize our use of them could be hazardous.

Today we have a lot of things that can be coined hazardous, but we have put ourselves to such a situation that we have converted our own BARE NECESSITIES to something that might just cause the end of our short-lived life.

Not surprisingly, the people of the recent times have just found alternates for the basic necessity called FOOD and shaped it in such a manner that we have been accustomed to ignore the healthy eating food habits. As Ann Migmore mentions in the quote above, food can be either the safest or the slowest of poison, it is our duty to spark in that will power in us to stop the consumptions of such harmful products.

The total number of children these days who actually prefer eating healthy food are unsurprisingly extremely less in number. The invention of the poison called fast food has turned all our minds towards them with their mind-blowing appearance and extraordinary taste. Not realizing what we see, we are quickly attracted by the shaving cream and cardboard that look like cakes and mashed potatoes which look like ice cream.

The crazy inventions we have created to harm ourselves include burgers, pizzas, fries, ice cream and what not. The following line being directly imported from my science reader:

“Fast food items like burgers are high in fat content that directly affects the accumulation of unwanted fats in our body making us obese which leads our body to come to high blood pressure resulting in heart attack or even death.”
The Consumption of fast food can also provoke a number of diseases in our body such as depression, stroke, Type II diabetes, a variety of heart diseases and early death.

Despite all of us reading and learning and writing the same statement and number of times, we are fixed with such an intention that all of this is completely false and fast food is healthy. However, bookish answers such as the one quoted above strikes such minds to think that consumption of fast food is beneficial and is required in the daily diet.

I myself after hearing such things have completely tried myself to avoid such kind of food completely. Believe it or not, I felt much better. It takes your concentration to the next level and brings you out of all types of distress.

In a nutshell, we do not pay attention to what we eat, instead we pay attention to how we feel while eating at that particular moment. Taking into consideration the quote mentioned at the starting of this article, we should pay attention to what we upload into our body. So, eat right and be bright.

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