Bharathiya Pravasi Parishad Salmiya Organised Aikathmya 2019

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Far away from homeland, but carrying the true spirit of onam and diwali celebrations Bharathiya Pravasi Parishad Salmiya area committee organises Aikathmya-2019, a family revelry on November 29 at Harmony hall in Salmiya. Sri Ali Akbar, famous malayalam filmmaker, screenwriter, lyricist and social reformer inaugurated the event.

Throwing light on the family, culture and traditions of India, he said " India focuses on Vasudhaiva Kudumbakam, the concept of world is a family.

Sri Rajesh Rajesh Nair, Principal, Indian Community School Amman branch was the guest of honour. " Enlightening our kids about the tales in the correct manner is the need of the hour", he said while speaking on the subject diversities of celebrations and India.

While Sri Rajendran, the programme convenor draped Sri Ali Akbar with a ponnada, Sri RaviKumar, the Salmiya area president and Smt Radhika Rajendran presented him with a memento. Sri Rajesh Nair was draped with a ponnada by the Sri Vinod, the area general secretary and Sri Sujith Nambiar, the area joint secretary.

Sri Ravikumar, the BPP Salmiya area committee presided over the function Smt Athira Sukesh, general secretary Salmiya area, welcomed the gathering and Sri Chandran, area vice president proposed the vote of Thanks.

Sri Narayanan Othayoth, the BPP general secretary and Smt Radhika Rajendran, the Sthreesakthi area president were also present.


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