36 truckloads of trash removed in Jleeb campaign

Thursday, December 5, 2019

The Joint Ministerial Committee for the follow up of the current situation in Jleeb AlShuyoukh, headed by Kuwait Municipality’s Director General Ahmad Al-Manfouhi, continued its intense campaign in the area, especially in street 55 in Block 5.

Supervisors at Farwaniya municipality branch, in cooperation with the Public Authority for Manpower and Interior Ministry, carried out a campaign yesterday which resulted in the removal of 36 truckloads of trash, 15 truckloads of used tires, as well as two truckloads of vegetables and fruits that were being sold in unlicensed markets, besides arresting a number of unlicensed butchers.

16 shops and cafes were closed, while five citations were issued against shops whose owners started their businesses before obtaining municipality approvals. The campaign was headed by Farwaniya branch director Mohammad Sarkhouh, Director of Cleanliness and Road Occupancy Saad Al-Khurainej.


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