Standing By The Seashore, One Night

Krithika Murali Krishnan, IIK Young Contributor
Thursday, September 26, 2019

One breezy night, I thought, why not spend some time walking in the seashore nearby, alone. After all there were a lot of thoughts I had to contemplate. Life had been unfair. Life had been generous. Life had been cruel. Life had been just pleasant. Life has offered me various emotions to taste. And to me it was like tasting all flavors of an ice cream. At the end of day, when I lay on my bed, I think, why God, why me? People say, that life has to be lived. It needs to be lived to its fullest. After all, every one who is born is destined to die. After all, we all have to agree, life is a difficult journey. Everyday, I walk to school, I see a lot of people, with varied emotions. Some happy, some sad, some terrified, some frightened, some angry, some lifeless. Life had hit them in ways, one can’t imagine. But, is it right to showcase an emotion that is caused by someone else onto us, on to someone whom we meet on our way ? Is it right to scold someone, because people haven’t treated us with respect all along ? Is it right for us to feel powerful on someone, just because we hold a high position ? Is it right for us to treat people unfairly, because that’s how we have been treated in our lives all along ? Can we all just take a moment of silence, and think about what we are doing. How our characters have changed because of the way we have been treated? How have we evolved ? How have we hurt people who had no reason to be hurt at all ? How ? Some think expressing anger in every statement they pass, makes them feel powerful and feared by. Each person thinks different things. Each of us do. Be it right or wrong, affects the other person or not, as long as our work gets done, who cares ? What is happening to us ? Can we all just reflect on our actions. On what we are doing. Because it is high time we do something about our character. We live one life, and let’s live it perfectly. Being dominating, or on the other hand being too frightened, won’t get us anywhere.

Talking about emotions, talking about character, what it brings me to say is that, not all of us are an expert in this field. But, what we can do, is that, we can strive for change. We definitely can. After all, our aim should not be on the ball that is coming towards us, rather what kind of bat we going to use to hit that ball. That’s what determines us. That’s what defines us.

Standing by the seashore, one night, I started at the vast stillness, I felt the silence, I felt the soft waves approaching. You won’t believe, what the sea can teach you. As I just walked into the approaching waters, I stood there silent. Silent as the term defines. It made me realize that I’m nothing compared to the vastness of this universe. I’m just another person like the millions who have come and gone. Why not make it of some worth ? After all, we are all, just given one chance, correct ?

Krithika Murali Krishnan
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