Dsp Sammy Tavares Drama Has Mixed Reception in Kuwait

By Gasper Crasto
Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Similar to Sammy Tavares past shows, Kuwait audience had another chance to see some of Goa’s superstars in action when the global blockbuster ‘Bhurgim Kiteak Somzonant?’ was staged at SIMS auditorium, Salmiya 20th Sept 2019.

Mega cast - vibrant and well-known, is what Sammy Tavares dramas are famous for.

With Goa’s melodious singers Lawry Travasso and Rosario de Benaulim on board, no one wanted to miss the show. The two singers certainly live up to everyone’s expectations whenever they are flown in.

Then there was Roma, Ulhas Tari, and Franky Gonsalves – three seasoned stars who can fit in any Bollywood film for their glamor and alluring presence.

Franky Gonsalves dazzled in his character of a spoiled brat which was played to perfection. He was a ‘rock star’ of the show.

With so many shows already done, musician Norman Cardozo played blindfolded assisted by a lone drummer Mr. John who was equally outstanding on the drums. The musicians never showed they missed some other members of the band.

It’s a family story based on a love-hate relationship between a police officer and his wasted son.

The story looks up at youth caught up in the evils of life, and efforts taken by parents to bring them back on track, which is oddly misunderstood by the children.

The story could have been inspired by director Sammy’s own experiences in the police force which was obvious from some catchy dialogues towards the end presenting investigative evidence to the murder mystery in the drama.

Although it is no rocket science to write such scripts, the director’s imagination, intellect and passion are well recognized in the message conveyed.
The best laughs squeezed out by the comedians came out from refined dialogues or sex-related language or from statements with double entendre.


Although the drama was fluent and flowing especially with the main cast and as the director himself claimed ‘his best drama’, some of the Kuwait audience can't stop talking about the wild anticipation they had for ‘Bhurgim Kiteak Somzonant’.
In a world where everyone is so occupied in their own lifestyles and experiences that they get stuck in a monotonous routine, Kuwaitkars expected the drama and comedy to demonstrate something innovative, modern, and not provide a tale that has done the rounds countless of times in Konkani stage history.
As far as the response was concerned, Goans in Kuwait have always welcomed overseas artistes with great warmth and love applauding every act, song, and scene. It should be noted that the audience for this show was among the most well-disciplined audiences ever seen in Kuwait.
But audience who have witnessed epic dramas, directors, and stars of the past know there is no entertainment just by looking at the sky and ‘stars’.


The real entertainment is not just in the script, but acting as well; more so when actors have their act without the dialogues.
Franky Gonsalves was the bright sun among the stars. He showed his class in a super performance. His facial expressions, body language, and costumes were of top class.
Roma and Ulhas Tari received huge applause in one of the ‘pordho’. It was not just for the richness of their dialogues but the fluency of their actions, and expressions.


The script seemed like made from ‘bits and pieces’ hinged together. A girl and her father (Lawry Travasso) pops up into play with no direct link to the main script.
Nevertheless, the standard of the drama was there for everyone to see.
With Comedian Richard, people got what was predictable - some A-rated comedy, double-meaning phrases and colorful costumes.
Good that most of the double-meaning words ‘Kuwait-chim Bhurgim Somzonant’ or else innocent parents would be google-ing themselves for an explanation.
Comedian Richard looks set to rule the future of Goan drama with loads of talent that he holds. His dialogue delivery and comedy timing are delightful, while he sings great too. But is it necessary for him to do the dirty linen to get applause from the audience?
With an earthworm-like frame and more noodle-ish than a human, he sure escapes being censured. Evidently, Kuwait audience was not so amused by some of his ridiculous comedy.
Ben Evangelisto, who was a substitute in Kuwait for Comedian Sally, was amazing as usual with his one-liners. He never made it look like he was doing the show for the first time.
Kuwait’s Lucy Lobo, the other substitute for comedian Joana, did her part well too putting her best efforts and doing a diligent job in the company of megastars.
Little starlet Valentina Pinto substituted for Sheena Gracias.
Can't leave out Comedian Caitan who did his titbits with great enthusiasm.


Rosario de Benaulim had the maximum songs, the opening song, a solo, a duo with Cajetan de Cacora, and a trio with Cajetan and Richard, etc, not to mention his small character roles.
Rosario was amazing in all the songs, especially in his solo songs. His melodious tunes are ever so pleasing to the ear. He is much loved in Kuwait.
Lawry Travasso was amazing as usual, while Ulhas Tari’s duet with Roma in a Hindu attire of son-mother, was one of the best songs of the show. Roma’s solo song was good too.
Director Sammy Tavares made his presence felt with a song on Vailankani Saibinn.


Good to see directors like Sammy Tavares putting their efforts to revive people’s interest in Tiatrs and it is a delight to see the drama staged in USA and Canada.
Nevertheless, the drama demonstrates one thing: Passion of the Deputy Superintendent of Police for Konkani dramas and Konkani stage, and the enthusiasm of Goan organizers around the world which was rightly pointed out by Lawry Travasso in his song in which he brought the director and organizers on stage.
Recipient of the President’s Gold Medal, DSP Sammy is well-known for his dramas as well as his deeds in the Goa Police force.
Bhurgim Kiteak Somzonant is Sammy Tavares’ 4th tiatr after ‘Aplea Bhurgeam Sangata’ (2012), ‘Tim Thikam Sanddlelim’ (2014) and ‘Police Officer’ (2017).
Another feather in Sammy Tavares’ cap is not to entertain a single political song in the drama. Being a government servant himself, this was expected of the director. But then, there is no history of any government toppled in Goa through political songs.


The show was organized by Manuel Goes Productions. The fact that Manuel Goes, hailing from Cortalim, has done 11 shows in Kuwait speaks highly about the passion of this person.
Sammy Tavares troupe must have travelled all over the globe with ease but to get access to Kuwait, the group had to wait till the eleventh hour.
Hats off to the organizers and the director to go ahead with the show despite 4 members of the troupe being denied visa for Kuwait. Regardless of the hiccups, the show was staged with undisturbed coolness.
All the substituting artistes Ben Evangelisto, Lucy Lobo, and Valentina Pinto were presented with a memento for their memorable acts.
A number of people assisted Manuel Goes in the production, noticeable among them being Agnelo Rebello, Nazi Azavedo, Peter Santimano, etc.
One of the key persons behind the success of the show was well-known Gulf hero Mr. Carmo Santos who was the chief guest and spoke on the occasion.
Fr. Franco Pereira was a special guest.

Many people supported in terms of sponsorship without which it is practically impossible to stage a show in Kuwait of a magnitude of ‘Bhurgim Kiteak Somzonant?’


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