ICSK Organizes Training for Teachers

Monday, August 26, 2019

The Principal and Senior Administrator of ICSK Senior, Kuwait organized a training session for the teachers on 22nd Aug, 2019 in the school auditorium. The resource person for the training programme was Dr. Sr. Lydia Fernandes, Teacher Educator at St. Anns College of Education, Bangalore.

Dr. Sr. Lydia also happens to be a member in the World Council of Education [California]. The programme commenced with a silent prayer. The Principal of ICSK Senior, Dr. V. Binumon extended a warm welcome to Dr. Sr. Lydia. Sr. Lydia began the session by talking about self power. She spoke about the two most important requirements of a Teacher Professional……they are[ a] personal knowledge base and [ b] personal emotional social integration. She stressed on the fact that modeling is the way of teaching and in futuristic education, it is more important to develop competency in children. She also added that the EQ level of a child unlike the IQ level could be developed. The five most important competencies of EQ are as follows:

1] Self Awareness
2] Self Regulation
3] Motivation
4] Empathy and
5] Social Skills of the child.

Apart from these she stressed on facts like ‘Procrastination is the thief of time”…., building a positive self esteem, treating problems as opportunities, building strong professional ethics and obligations and loyalty towards management. She counseled the teachers to prioritize amongst themselves….

First being self, then students, colleagues and the fourth to be parents.

Her session culminated with the famous quote

“We teach who we are.”

Yesterday the teachers were a sage on the stage but today they are a guide by the side.

An interesting questionnaire session was opened to all for further comprehension and all queries regarding better teaching were cleared.

The Vice Principal of ICSK Senior, Dr. Sam T. Kuruvilla, delivered the vote of thanks and the Principal Dr. V. Binumon presented Dr. Sr. Lydia with a memento as a token of love, gratitude and appreciation.


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