Anjuman Tahzeeb - e - Urdu Bid Adieu to Mr. Aslam Imadi

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Anjuman Tahzeeb - e - Urdu, Kuwait organized a farewell party on 25th July 2019 to felicitate Mr. Aslam Imadi for his services to Urdu Literature. The program was held at the residence of Dr. Umair Beg, Sura, Kuwait. Members of the forum and other personalities of Urdu fraternity graced the occasion with their presence.

Mr. Aslam Imadi is a prominent name in Urdu Literary Circle as a poet, writer and a literary critic. He is a well-known author of several books and a connoisseur of the Urdu literature. He is now leaving Kuwait for good after serving Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) for about 30 years in various capacities.

Dr. Umair Beg, a Sr. Scientist at KISR (Kuwait) and a famous Urdu Writer, had presented a memento to Mr. Aslam Imadi on behalf of ‘Anjuman Tahzeeb-e-Urdu’ founded by an eminent poet Mr.Aamir Kidwai.

Dr. Zaheer Anwar, a specialist (Internal Medicine), presided over the function while Dr. Hasan Khan, a renowned Cardiologist was the chief guest of the evening.

Mr. Sabir Omar Galsulkar, a famous Urdu Poet from Kokan, had compered well the entire function. The program started with the recitation of Holy Quran by Mr. Jawaid Anwar, President of IMWA, Kuwait. The Compere welcomed the guests and invited Shakeel Jamshedpuri, a Senior Engineer in KOC and an impressive Urdu Poet & Writer, to read his article on Aslam Imadi’s literary work.

Dr. Beg also presented the prose / poetic analysis of Aslam’s books. He expressed that his literary works always rejuvenates the readers. Also, Mr. Aamir Kidwai’s article on Aslam Imadi’s literary work was read by compere himself.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Aslam praised at length the education and culture imparted by his parents and shared his experience particularly in Kuwait. He also weaved his sentiments beautifully into words and recited his various gripping poems and Gazals, which was well appreciated.

Others who graced the function were Mr. Kareem Irfan, a social worker and President of FIMA, Mr. Usman Abdul Qadir, a Senior Aligarian., Mr. Asim Jameel, Mr. Sayed Nadeem,Mr. Iftikhar, Mr. Aleem Shuaib, Mr. Aleem Ahmad, Owais Ahmad, Mr. Shafaq Mumtaz and Shaikh Akhtar Hussain.

The compere Mr. Sabir, thanked the audience for making the evening special for Aslam Imadi and will be remembered for a long time. Lastly, Dr. Beg was thanked for his gracious hospitality.


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