When Words Fail Music Speaks

Jemima Anna Monteiro , IIK Young Contributor
Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Music-The Magical World

Music was introduced to me by my father, I didn’t take it that serious back then as a kid but as I grew older the effect it had on my life was overwhelming. To me music is a way to relate to the world what I’m feeling and how I can connect myself to the world because “music speaks when words cannot”. Music is a kind of gentle stroke on minds enhancing beautiful moments of life, a connection to the deeper parts of my being and my spirit. It can also be defined as a journal where I can speak my mind and can convey my thoughts in the best way possible.

I had even experienced emotional healing through music as it calms me down when I am frustrated and can also keep me in control during overexciting moments where I tend to explode. My love for music has grown stronger over years as I am constantly in an expedition to improve my musical skills by attending classes, participating in music competition and by exploring and following the treads of great musicians.

When I was in 3rd grade I started attending piano classes, enjoyed the way piano was being played, the tunes, the soothing sound, the way my fingers moved and started falling in love with it and was craving to learn more and more from this heavenly instrument so that one day I can also create my own music like the world-famous music legends. However, as I grew up I started getting fascinated to other electronic gadgets that were not meant for a 11-year-old kid. Moreover, was unable to play all the songs in a piano especially if it was meant to be played in a guitar. This took a turn on my life as I started feeling impassive of the instrument. A part of me wanted to explore more, dive into the life of music and adore the magical world of music, but the other part of me desired to possess and experience all the new generation gadgets and other worldly pleasures of life. Further, the urge of being popular and cool, like most of the teenagers, was taking a toll on me. Huh!! Yes, this word cool means a lot for us as teenager’ it means cold and chill, it also means looking good, being popular, not self-disciplined, and even not following the rules and regulations which teachers and parents had set forth for our wellbeing. So, this caused a kind of trauma and dilemma, which most of the children during teenage life still goes through.

That was the time my father taught me just a few chords to play in a guitar. This was like my life saver which helped me moving forward in music and kept me on the right track. When I was 13, I composed my first song which was in-fact composed for my own conceit, however most of my friends and relatives appreciated and applauded and even encouraged me to explore more in music. So, I kept composing more and more. Some of it didn’t make any sense and few of them was just mere repetition but for me they are all very special and close to my heart, as my parents always reminds me that self-satisfaction and self-motivation is the key to a perfect life and we should always follow our hearts and dreams. As I grew older studies became an integral part and time for music was limited. But I still find time for music no matter what and shall be pursuing my dreams as a great musician as I feel “Music is the strongest form of Magic” and I am in an incessant mission to master explore and feel that magic!!

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