Writers’ Forum Kuwait bids farewell to Ex-President

Monday, July 15, 2019

“There are no goodbyes for us. Wherever you are, you will be always in my heart”. This quote of Mahatma Gandhi was truly lived by the members of the Writers’ Forum Kuwait, when they gathered to bid farewell to their Founder member, Ex-President and Hindi poet, Mr Umesh Sharma.

It was a calm Tuesday evening, on the 18th of June, when poets and writers of different Indian languages met at Avanti Palace Restaurant to express their affection and gratitude to Mr Umesh Sharma who will be soon leaving Kuwait for good.

The evening started with the General Secretary of the Forum, Ms Nazneen Ali, welcoming all the members. In her opening remarks she said that Mr Sharma is a person who dedicates himself completely wherever he goes and whomsoever he associates with, and when such people leave they create a vacuum that can never be filled. On behalf of the Forum she thanked Mr Sharma for his guidance and leadership that helped the Forum to grow from a small sapling to a huge fruitful tree. Forum’s members S. Qamar Minto and Sunil Sonsi welcomed Mr Sharma by presenting him a bouquet while the President of the Forum, Mrs Maimuna Chougle presented him a memento as a token of appreciation for his contribution to the forum. Mrs Chougle said she and her family have been knowing Mr Sharma for years now and he will remain in their fond memories for ever. She also said that it’s his will power and commitment that helped the forum steer through various challenging moments over the years. She was followed by S. Qamar Minto reciting a couplet specially written for Mr Sharma. Sunil Sonsi, Vice President Ms Chhaya Athavle and Joint Secretary Ravin Singh also gestured Mr Sharma’s presence as a strong pillar of the forum.

Mr Umesh Sharma expressed his affection for the forum and thanked all the members for honoring him. He said that though they might be physically apart, his good wishes will always be there and he will continue to be a well-wisher of the forum and stay connected. He also mentioned that Writers’ Forum is unique in itself as it brings together all Indian languages under one umbrella and he intends to establish a similar forum back home. On the request of the members he recited his famous Hindi poem “Prateedin ke jeevan ko prateedin hi jeeta hu”, I live each day at a time.

Forum’s patron Ali Chougle, members Aamir Diwan, Rajiv Athavle, Shabbih Ahmed, Sabir Omer, Ms Madhulika Mohta and Ms Radhika Bhardwaj also described Mr Sharma as a motivational poet, an inspiring personality and meticulous person who will always be remembered for the selfless service that he has provided to the forum.
Other members present at the evening were Ameeruddin Ameer, Biswa Ranjan and Ms Vijaya Nair.

The exchange of emotions was followed by a relishing dinner and Ms Madhulika’s savoring cake that was enjoyed by everyone.
At the end Ms Nazneen Ali thanked everyone for gracing the occasion with their presence.


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