IES Hosts Abhinandan to Flaunt the Flairs of Bhavanites

Monday, April 29, 2019

Jleeb, April 26, 2019: Abhinandan, an interhouse cultural and literary fest, was organized at the Indian Educational School, Kuwait on April 25, 2019. Abhinandan was an epoch-making celebration of the brilliant talents of Bhavanites who showcased their finest flairs at various venues of vibrancy, leaving the audience flabbergasted. It was one of the best opportunities to witness a cascade of talents in an array of exhilarating episodes in many different venues for all the Bhavanites, with the inspiring motto ‘Everyone is Talented’. Abhinandan stood unique as the income generated from the food kiosks would be given away for charity.

Abhinandan - 2019 was inaugurated by Mrs. Nitya Balagopal, a well-known playback singer from the Malayalam film industry and Dr. Meera Rajeev, Assistant Professor, Madras Christian College, Chennai, and an eminent classical dancer who founded ‘Sankara Narayana Nrityalaya’ in Chennai. These two stars had also adorned the sky of Bhavan Kuwait (IES) as great pedagogues and left an indelible mark in the hearts of their pupils. It was indeed a homecoming for them and the IES family cherished their revisiting with relentless rounds of rapturous applause.

The duo lit the lamp of knowledge and unveiled the rainbow-colored backdrop of the fiesta amid jubilation.
Mrs. Nitya Balagopal said, “It’s here in Kuwait I began my career. Bhavan is the right place to become what you dream to become”. Dr. Meera Rajeev said, “Bhavan has provided plenty of opportunities to the students, instilled confidence in me and taught me how to deal with life. The teachers lead a child to a successful life by sacrificing themselves.” The chief guests did not conceal their excitement to be with the Bhavans family once again.

There was an array of events for the children to prove their mettle such as story writing, story telling, poetry writing, poetry recitation, ‘doha’ recitation, hashtag, debate, fancy-dress, action song, mime, spell bee, advertisement making, character portrayal, patriotic song, bharatanatyam, cinematic dance, Indian folk dance, beat boxing and band performance. The students under the able guidance of the four housemasters representing the four houses of the school viz. Satya, Seva, Tapas, and Sanskriti were on their toes to motivate the students under their care.

The four houses raced for the coveted trophy. The performance art competitions won plaudits from the onlookers. Parents and dance aficionados thronged the venues with verve. The excitement reached a crescendo in the evening with cinematic dance performances. The mercury of excitement literally rose to the peak and then exploded in the form of roaring applause. IES has never witnessed such exuberance and enthusiasm in the recent past. All the venues were abuzz with vibrant participants, their parents, and the spectators.

The food stalls with a variety of cuisine in parent-teacher partnership served mouth-watering delicacies. The gourmets among the audience jostled to relish the savories and sweets alike.
Mr. T. Premkumar, the Principal of IES declared Seva House the overall champion of Abhinandan-2019. Excited clapping nearly brought the roof down. The champions were bestowed upon the championship trophy by the chief guests, Mrs. Nitya Balagopal and Mrs. Meera Rajeev.
Mrs. Nitya Balagopal enthralled the audience with her mellifluous voice through the rendition of some of the popular songs when Dr. Meera Rajeev mesmerized the gathering with her graceful classical steps capturing the essence of music. The chief guests were presented with beautiful mementos by the chairman of the school as tokens of gratitude, love, and admiration.

The list of the winners of Abhinandan are as follows.

The valedictory ceremony was held in the school auditorium. Mr. N.K Ramachandran Menon, the chairman, Bhavans Middle East, addressed the august gathering. He said that he was astounded to see more than 1000 children full of beans throughout the day and appreciated the enormous efforts and unstinting support of the teacher-parent-student community. He extolled in a special way, the efforts of the parent community for their unstinting support that has given Bhavans the impetus to do better each time, with every new venture, offering Bhavanites the very best no other school can offer. Mrs. Meenakshi Nayyar, the Vice Principal CCA, who masterminded the whole event, along with the School Student Council wholeheartedly poured ‘Abhinandan’ (congratulations) on the Bhavan’s fraternity for making the mega event a memorable one. An eventful day that witnessed unparalleled camaraderie, and the culmination of competitive spirit eventually came to an end leaving behind memories that will be cherished for a very long time by the Bhavan’s family.


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