When Emoticons took over our Emotions

Jisha Subin
Monday, December 17, 2018

How many of you ended up with no words or confused what to say next? Of course, I don’t mean a vocal conversation. After all we are living in the world of texts and face to face conversation is fast fading out from today’s world. We part from friends saying; “will text you”. We hang up the calls with the same expression…”will text you”. Again back to the first question….How many of you faced the scarcity of words to explain your emotions? Am sure many of us have faced this kind of a situation where words fail and emoticons take over our emotions. We have thanked Emoticons on many occasions for rescuing us by supporting and providing us aid to express ourselves and often wondered why there is no Emoticons in vocal conversations.

We human beings have the magic of language. In fact, if you are talking in an Indian context, we have a local dialect, a regional language, and an official language. Still we face scarcity of words….. Don’t you find it a bit strange? However, we have to accept the fact that it is happening to us in reality. Most of the time we ended up sending an Emoticon which says it all, or rather covers it all. And then, we keep complaining that newer generation has an issue of communication. It has really affected the current generation which includes us.

Days where we talk, laugh and cry is gone with the wind. At present even when we meet, we sit isolated in our own world of texting, the ultimate mode of communication which brought more people closer, but no one really close to our hearts. We can just text anyone whom we met without having a genuine topic. We meet, we add them on Messenger and we add them on whatsapp. The windows of a texting world is open without any necessity of a topic. That is the prime reason which lead to the scarcity of words. We really don’t have anything to say for most of the matter which comes across as text. We are in a situation where we can’t place our identity in most of the chat windows. We end up with a big question mark what to say next??? There come the rescue team…”Emoticons”, our true friend. We say everything without actually saying it.

We are really too busy to talk or even to message back. A detailed text really costs a lot. At times when we receive a message asking us for a choice between two options, we still send a “Thumps Up” without even realizing the very fact that we are actually not saying yes or no. We are too busy to type I opt option one because of so and so reason. We can’t really spend time, as you know time is money.

On the outset, a brand-new year is nearing, and it is also a season of text messages. We keep sending and receiving messages while we really do not mean any of them. Do try something different this time just for a change. Just lift your phone and call your loved one and speak for few seconds with your heart and mind. You will find it amazing with a relaxed mind full of joy. Much more joy and fulfillment than any of the emoticons can ever give you.

Jisha Subin Jagdish, Marketing Operations Analyst at Independent Petroleum Group, is a Post Graduate in Anthropology and a P.G Diploma holder in Business Administration. During her stint as a Research Assistant at Kuwait University, Jisha started contributing to various Anthropological and Sociological Journals, an exercise she continues to date. On a lighter perspective, she writes Short Stories and Poems. She is passionate artist who has anchored many stage shows, hosted TV shows and Interviews. Her footsteps into Short Films include Story, Screen Play, Lyrics and Direction.
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