"Commitment and honesty is the key to success” - Mr Kuldeep Singh Lamba

Deepika Nambiar; Photo: Anwar Sadath Thalasserry
Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Everything that we do is a true reflection of our core values. As director of a successful automobile business in Kuwait, Mr Kuldeep Lamba is an epitome of this simple yet profound statement. When I first enter his office, he shows me a faint sketch of old Kuwait city near Shamiya opposite Public security, hanging next to his desk. He points to a small shop in the sketch, telling me with extreme pride that that was where he made his first tire-sale.

Mr Lamba was only 18yrs old when he moved to Kuwait from India, a mere tire labourer. He worked diligently for his uncle’s company, but after three years, Mr Lamba felt he was ready to start his own business. Despite not having the full support of his family, this bright young man went ahead and formed Abdul Hadi Almailem Company with the help of his Kuwaiti partner. From these humble beginnings Mr Lamba established and expanded the Almailem Group to become the leading business house in Kuwait in automobile products. Whether it is tires, spare parts, lubricants, auto glass, batteries or garage equipment, he is the person behind the success of this Company. This year the Company celebrated its 56th year of success. It is also noteworthy to see that Indian Business and Professional Council ( IBPC) honored their Kuwaiti partner Mr Fahd Almailem during their 13th anniversary last week.

It has been an eventful journey covering more than five decades, during which we have had our share of ups and downs”, recalls Mr Lamba, adding “we have also been witness to and part of tumultuous changes this country has experienced including the invasion of Kuwait by Iraqi forces.
The company lost everything. Like many others he returned to India, but made sure that he took most of the staff with him. Those days, credit cards issued from Kuwait had become invalid, hence to ensure the safe departure of his employees from the country, Mr Lamba bought tickets through his American Express card proving his generosity, fellow feeling and a sense of empathy for his subordinates, whom he treated as family.

Mr Lamba’s sincerity and good work ethics enabled him to restart his business with full support from the banks and his loyal employees. It is indeed amazing that all his staff members came back to help him rebuild the company. Mr Lamba says, it was the courageous spirit of our people and their unwavering commitment which helped us to bounce back after relatively difficult times”.

Apart from business, Mr Lamba is also interested in education. Mr. Lamba’s involvement with the Indian schools began with the simple task of picking up children to take them to school. By 1975, he was invited to become part of the school board. His urge to give back to the community further spurred him to join the Council of Elders for the Indian Community School. For 16 years, he served selflessly, and guided the management with his wisdom and experience.

A firm believer in the importance of good education, Lamba had a vision of investing in the human capital of India to enable students to reach their full potential. With the help of his nephew, he conceptualized and finally established K L International School in Meerut. Rated as the most promising CBSE affiliated school in the region, the school provides a nurturing environment in which every child is given the opportunity to excel in their area of interest.

Mr Lamba plays many roles, yet gives his 100% to every activity. His simplicity and open mindedness have earned him the love and respect of everyone he has come across. He is a remarkable man who is grateful both for the opportunities that came his way and to his family: his wife, his two sons, and daughter who believed in him and supported him in all his endeavours.

Deepika Nambiar is part of the IIK team and IWIK core team. She does regular contributions to the news portal IndiansinKuwait.com and also for Timesofindia.com.
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