KNPC denied radiation leakage from Shuaiba Refinery

Friday, October 16, 2015

The Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) denied Friday any radiation leakage from Shuaiba Refinery following the fire accident that broke out inside the refinery last August.

The company is so keen on working with maximum levels of safety, and saving the environment, Khaled Al-Asousi, KNPC spokesman, confirmed to KUNA. KNPC has coordinated and worked with the authority specialized in radiations in the country on measuring radiation rates in the demulsifiers of heavy crude reactors, where the fire broke out, Al-Asousi, who is also KNPC's Deputy CEO for Support Services, noted.

The reactors contain a very limited amount of radiation that contributes in measuring level of the catalyst material inside the production unit, Al-Asousi indicated.

The official health ministry's report confirms safety of the location and existence of limited level of radiations that are within the acceptable standards, he said, stressing the importance of following the required safety procedures in dealing with these reactors. Al-Asousi also affirmed the company's commitment towards all safety measures that preserve its workers' safety at the refinery, reiterating assurance to workers and people that there is no radiation leakage and that all areas and locations surrounding the refinery are fully safe.


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