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125 cases filed against tenants for nonpayment of rent

Monday, July 13, 2020
125 cases filed against tenants for nonpayment of rent

The court, on the first day of reopening, received 416 new cases in which 125 cases are for evicting the tenants from their properties due to their failure in paying rents in last four months during coronavirus pandemic.

According to source, there are a large number of cases waiting to file, but due to the limited number of appointments, the cases filed are much lesser. The court allowed entry based on prior online reservation.

The lockdown and consequent job loss to many of the tenants made it difficult for them to pay the flat rent in the last three months. Even though some Kuwaiti landlords exempted or give reduction on rents for the tenants, many others not given any consideration to the tenants for their rent during the lockdown.

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Soji Kutty
Tuesday, July 14, 2020
Landlords are not greedy. You are staying without paying and you want Nobel Prize or what, huh? Go back to your beloved country and ask all the landlords if they give even 1 month concession to any tenant. No country allowed tenants to stay free of charge. As per contract, you are thief if you did not pay. And people like you are finally getting what they deserve. Time to pack your bags and go back on first flight or if you landed in legal problem, you will do jail time followed by deportation with blacklist and photo printed in all the newspapers and embassy.

King Julian
Tuesday, July 14, 2020
Boss, you wrote 5 times ''not begging'' words in your post below. Only guilty person denies repeatedly without asking. Looks like you are the leader for begging and immediately denying. What pain and suffering you are talking? Anybody force you to stay in Kuwait? You are making pain and suffering on yourself and then shamelessly asking humanitarian charity???

In the Farwaniya lockdown thread, you are saying corona virus is nothing, just like cold virus. Here you are crying for salary deduct. Ignorant people like you are the reason for all this trouble in the first place.

Mathew Singh
Tuesday, July 14, 2020
@Amit and Moses Linus Valkiri
Indian racism is a fact and Maharashtra is the most racist of all states. They are very hostile towards north Indians and frequent harassment by Shiv Sena and other local parties in the name of ''son of the soil'' movement is a fact of life. They call themselves cosmopolitan but they are troublemakers.
Maharashtra govt. blocked thousands of migrant workers from going to their native place and not made proper arrangement for their stay until travel. When some north Indian Bollywood actors started arranging buses for poor people, the Shiv Sena govt. blocked them saying that state govt. image is being spoilt. Even Supreme Court of India reprimanded Maharashtra govt. because they reported that ''everything is ok'' about migrant workers.

shumaila Khan
Tuesday, July 14, 2020
People reap what they sow. Expats who cheated, lied and fooled around now paying the price for their action or inaction - even those who ignored apathy and injustice are equally guilty.
I hope Kuwait govt. takes strict action to reduce expats immediately as they are only eating the resources in the name of humanity and saying god bless when they can escape with their requirements and create trouble when they don''t get what they want.

jinu simon john
Tuesday, July 14, 2020
Oxford Dictionary meaning of beg:
"to ask someone for something, especially in an anxious way because you want or need it very much"

There is nothing cheap about begging. Maybe you can tell the helpless beggars on the street and footpath that they are cheap. People beg out of helplessness and no way out OR if they are oversmart. In this case, expats are not helpless in Kuwait - they have option to go back to their homeland. But since they don''t want to go back so they try every trick in the name of humanity, pain and mercy. There is no use to your ''Humanity'' name-tag and make derogatory remarks of real beggars.
Don''t try to play with words if you don''t know the meaning or you will get embarrassed and stuck.
fyi, asking 100 times same thing is nothing short of begging....

Tuesday, July 14, 2020
There are expats in the public sector and some private companies who are getting the full salary and still want the property owner to reduce the rent quoting other tenants who gets salary with up to 30 percent deduction or to some with no salary.

If the tenant who is out of Kuwait and due to government regulation he cannot come back those tenants rent shall be either waived or shall be reduced to at least 50 percent

Kuwait government has taken some positive steps by giving moratorium for the loans until September.

Moses Linus Valkiri
Tuesday, July 14, 2020
Write your real name first, don''t hide behind fake id. If you don''t have money to pay few months rent without salary then where all your money went? Sent to India for hardship of life and pain of existence? It is people like you who have degraded the reputation of India by risking your stay without sufficient finance. And then play the ''hardship, pain, victim'' card like I mentioned in my first post below. When you request 10 or 20 times it is called begging :)

Pressure is not only high on expats but residents of every country worldwide.

Easy for beggars to point finger at rich people and say ''it is bloody everyone job to support'' and ''landlord cannot carry land when they die.'' They are not sitting here to help ungrateful expats who have already taken so much and now demanding humanity!! How many people you helped and supported with your salary? If you had business or land, would you empty your bank account for all your employees or tenants for the sake of humanity?

Monday, July 13, 2020
@Moses Linus Valkiri...Boss you must be rich enough to pay your rent even if you dont have salary...there are people who are not paid more than 4 months salary...and they are not begging...boss no one is begging...this is your cheap mentality who is thinking of word begging...its a request to owners to understand one is asking for rent reduction during normal days...its only during this pandemic...and its a request only and no one is begging...think before you write anything one is begging...there are many good human who understood this request and did their best to help tenants...but there are few people like you who''d like to hide their pockets even if no one is asking your help...May god give you strength to at least understand the pain of people who suffered during this pandemic...helping others is far away question on you...

Monday, July 13, 2020
Whole world is going through a tough time. Pressure is high on expats, reading the replies I feel coming back to hometown for younger expats is a good idea as soon as possible paying the bills.adding of monthly bills with no job is not advisable

Monday, July 13, 2020
People have to stay inside the house for the safety of themself and others. Hence anyloss has yo be equally shared by landlord and tenant. At this point of time of pandemic it''s bloody everyone''s job to support and move forward. No matter if he a native of that land or an expat. First be a human. Landlord''s can''t carry there land along with them when they die. Be a human first.

Monday, July 13, 2020
Shame they are not reducing rend and dragging tenant to the court.

No humanity at all...

Greed will pull you down...

Scaria Varughese
Monday, July 13, 2020
So what is your point? If companies did not pay non-working staff, why should landlords give freebies to tenants? Are you a landlord or company owner? Would you give salary to non-working staff when your company is doing zero business? Salary and job is not guarantee in this country, and this is not even your country.
Look at your country humanitarian record for the poor people who are starving and put on the streets, then point finger to other country.

Moses Linus Valkiri
Monday, July 13, 2020
IIK now changed the wording from ''....many others forced the tenants to pay the full rent during the lockdown.'' to:
''...Kuwaiti landlords ...not given any consideration to the tenants for their rent during the lockdown.''

Same response...
I don''t think Indian landlords gave any such humanitarian concession to migrant workers in India. There are reliable reports that thousands of workers were given ultimatum to pay rent or vacate the premises and the ensuing exodus was broadcast all over the news channels. Many poor workers started walking to their hometowns thousands of kilometres away with all their belongings and family including small children. They were subjected to humiliation by being sprayed with disinfectants. Many died of exhaustion along the way.
So as you can see, we Indians are hypocrites. Still we NRIs'' are far better than citizens in our country and Kuwait has not driven us on the streets. But let my fellow Indian posters not overplay our hand and let the world see our double standards. Leave with dignity and our country will be respected. If you force the Kuwaiti govt. to evict you forcefully from the country, Kuwaiti govt. will adopt stricter immigration laws re. expat population and possibly ban Indians permanently. They already banned Bangladeshis and Pakistanis due to involvement in illicit activities and moral corruption of the society. Don''t be reduced to the same level.

Monday, July 13, 2020
This is excuse. It is not owner''s problem if you don''t have job or salary or your co. not paid you. You are recommending humanitarian action worth thousands of KD for one building alone. Would you offer such humanitarian aid??
Our own country does not tolerate other state people and even resort to racist and inhuman treatment of people on the basis of their language, colour and eating habits. And you want to preach humanity and point the finger at Kuwait govt. for not supporting another country citizens who cannot support themselves? How dare you pass the buck on others when people like you send all your salary back to your country and play the victim card ! Why don''t you ask Mr. Modi for aid and see what he will say? He will ask you to use your savings from your NRE/ NRO account. And he would be right to say so!!

Monday, July 13, 2020
Here it comes. Help, blessing, hardship, difficulty, please, good heart, mercy, etc... are all excuses used by shameless people to cover up their inadequacies and repeated insistence to stay on and impose themselves upon the generosity of a country that does not want them in the first place. If you don''t have job, rent, savings, then why you are staying like refugee when there is no war in your country of origin? I ask all these people who don''t even have the courage to mention their name while posting comments, would your own country accept foreigners in huge amounts (two-thirds of the total population) during crisis or when your own country citizens don''t have job??
Show some spine and dignity and leave gracefully rather than being deported crying and kicking and blaming the whole world. I am ashamed to see our country men and women reduced to this. But these are the true colours of the people. Whole world must be watching and laughing - even MEA of India is trying to beg Kuwait !!

Monday, July 13, 2020
It was a difficult situation due to the health precaution to stay in lock down areas with many Indian expatriates and their family members, having no job, no income to support their daily living needs of life, and it was not possible to even pay the rent for their room accommodation or business shops, establishments.

Moses Linus Valkiri
Monday, July 13, 2020
''...many others forced the tenants to pay the full rent during the lockdown.''
What do you mean forced? When you stay in somebody''s property against a mutually signed contract, why do you expect not to pay? Landlord has not given guarantee to tenants for job security. It is the tenants who have continued to take risk and stay in a country with minimum provisions despite all evidence that government is trying to reduce expats. Goodwill and charity are not a must, but a blessing - and blessings are not a guarantee in life.
It is really shameful that expats beg and fight to stay in a foreign land. The next excuse is the ''hardship and victim'' card which you might see in subsequent comments. Wise up and ship out while you can with whatever you have. Keep your dignity. Jai Hind !

Monday, July 13, 2020
I wonder to see above comment. where is the people whos is suffering and where is the people
who is taking money without fail for every month rent. Nobody care for anyone.

Now this is a special situation due to lockdown and closed everywhere and withoit work or salary, many suiciding due to difficulty. So if you say seek amnesty means, there is no mercy at all while everyone seek Gods mercy. But if you don''t want to help those deserve, how can you ecpect mercy of God to you.
So consider the situation and should make some support for those poor people to overcome present situation. So try to help each other only for during this difficult period.
So that God show His mercy for everyone and can answer the prayers. There are some good hearted people who helped others. Thank for them. Others they can help also.
This is my opinion only and anyone can agree or disagree it. No force or no pressure or only humanitarian basis.

Monday, July 13, 2020
Tenants were not able to pay rent bcoz there were not paid for the days they didnt worked in lockdown ,so it was in humanitarian basis they asked for rent reduction ,
i think u have taken amnesty and left ,so giving such inhuman suggestion Amit

Monday, July 13, 2020
Kuwait govt allowed employer to deduct salary for employees.. But govt not favour for employees how we expats survey

Sunday, July 12, 2020
Landlords are not obliged to reduce rent. If tenants cannot pay, seek amnesty and leave. This country belongs to the citizens and expats tend to forget this fact since they have been here so long.

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