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Address: 15th Floor, Al - Shorouq Tower 2, Jaber Al - Mubarak Street, Opposite Dasman Complex, Sharq, WWICS KUWAIT

Place: Sharq
Mobile: 66305039

Phone no: 22450789


Business Description.

dear reader, wwics over past 25years has served as a strong pillar for all those who wanted to settle in developed economies of the world such as canada, australia, usa, uk, europe and new zealand. it is now a well-known company and is distinguished for its customer centric service in the immigration sector. with its wonderful service wwics has carved out a niche in this sector and is the preferred choice of consultant for anyone who wants to study, work and live permanently in a new country. wwics global resettlement services: we provide legitimate services of immigration to canada, australia, usa, europe, caribbean and many more including: 1. skilled migration (based on your skills). 2. business migration (based on your experience and ability to own and manage a business). 3. investor migration (based on a minimum personal net worth and willingness to invest a minimum amount of money in a passive investment). 4. student migration (based on your minimum grades, percentage and other criteria). 5. visitor visas. why to choose wwics? 1. over 150,000 satisfied clients, more than 300,000 happily settled family members. 2. 25 years of successful track record - our client testimony speaks about our success rate. 3. vast network of over 10 offices in gcc and 25 associate offices around the world. 4. quicker solutions – less headaches- we spent countless hours learning immigration laws and cases to best learn solutions for different immigration services. our experience and knowledge will benefit you rather than you trying to figure out the system on your own. 5. freedom- you invest money in all types of joys, why not your peace of mind? we can help expedite your immigration process with immeasurable returns. please fill our personal information form below so that we may start to formulate the strategy needed for you to become a landed immigrant in canada, australia, usa, europe, caribbean we will assess your personal information and determine the most effective legal route to achieve landed status in the above countries.

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