Our Duties as an Indian Citizen

Lakshmi Nanda Madhusoodhanan, IIK Young Reporter
Monday, July 29, 2019

“Every citizen of India must remember that he is an Indian and he has every right in this country but with certain duties” – Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel
On every 15th August, the citizens of India celebrate Independence Day. It is a day when India was free from the sabotage of the British. This day the citizens of India pay tribute to the leaders and those who fought for India's liberty in the past. Over a period of time, the celebration has changed importance from patriotism to a wide-ranging festivity in India.

We always talk about our rights and always fight for our rights, Each and every one of us are aware of our constitutional rights, We know that there are six fundamental rights according to the Indian constitution which is Right to Equality (Article 14 – Article 18), Right to Religion (Articles 25 – Article 28), Right against Exploitation (Articles 23 – Article 24), Right to Culture and Education (Articles 29 – Article 30), Right to Freedom (Articles 19 – Article 22), and Right to Constitutional Remedies (Article 32). Any of these rights are denied even partially, we always stand up to fight for it.

But do we ever think of our duties to our motherland, our India? It may not be written anywhere in the constitution but as a responsible citizen, we should practice the duties we have to do to our nation.

Paying taxes is a really important responsibility for a resident of a country. But do we pay the taxes properly? Probably it is a question we should ask ourselves as the residents of India. How often do people try not to pay the right taxes on time? Paying taxes is like rain, if the water evaporates and condenses, then only it will precipitate as rain. In the same way, if we pay the tax, then we will get the benefit out of our work because it is with this tax, the government funds for various services which progresses our country.

The people of Japan, Singapore etc. keep their nation clean by maintaining self-discipline. They pick up the waste around their surroundings and do not spoil the public property of their nation. We often knowingly or unknowingly destroy the public property of our nation. I have seen people doing graffiti art, spitting etc. on our national property instead of preserving the beauty of the property. When we throw or spit on the road or loiter, we are spoiling the serene beauty of our nation. Keeping our surroundings clean eradicates diseases, thus making the people healthier and keeping the nation happy.

Corruption is dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power, typically involving bribery. Corruption is something which stops the growth of our nation, the most destructive war against our nation. Honesty starts at home. If people are honest and just, then automatically the nation becomes honest. The citizens are the one who choose the representatives in a democracy. So, if the citizens are just then they will choose a good leader. Thus, strengthening the governance in the country.
Then next comes the mindset of us. While standing in a queue, or in a traffic block we repeatedly tend to take shortcuts which create chaos. Sometimes, when we break the law, we try to get bail without following the justice code of India. Therefore, the mindset of the citizens to take shortcuts for simple things, incline to create a huge difference in the development of the country. As the quote goes, “A small change can make a big difference.”

When we are in Kuwait, we represent our motherland. We should respect the law of this land and develop good conduct as our behaviour shows the culture of our country, India.

So on this Independence Day, let us contribute to our country’s growth and set an example for the younger generations, instilling the seed of patriotism within them as the younger generations lead the future. As Indian Citizens, let us make our country proud and be loyal and patriotic in order to save our motherland from all kinds of evils inside and outside India. Happy Independence Day to all. Jai Hind!

Lakshmi Nanda Madhusoodhanan
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