Traffic officers punished for issuing citations against citizens and expatriates

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Kuwait’s commissioned and non-commissioned officers at the traffic department ranked top among officers of other ministry departments for being questioned at the department of inspection and supervision in 2018, as complaints against them were received related to arbitrary issuance of traffic citations against citizens and expats.

According to local report, more than 100 officers and non-commissioned officers at the traffic department were summoned and questioned after receiving complaints that they had issued arbitrary citations against citizens and expatriates.

The report also added that the investigations revealed that a number of complaints were malicious, while some officers faced punishments for misuse of authority.

The sources said traffic officers are more interactive with the public and are more monitored on the street due to the nature of their job in the field, so for them to rank first in being investigated does not undermine the efficiency of workers in the sector.


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