T.V.- A Nuisance or A Blessing

Parth Kumar, IIK Contributor
Sunday, June 16, 2019

T.V. was invented by John Logie Baird in the year 1927. T.V. has taken control on the life of each and every person. Just like other technological devices, T.V. is a boon and a bane to the society. T.V. has become close to us than everything and this can have a severe impact.

T.V. according to many people is a nuisance, but according to few it is a blessing. T.V. is considered to be the root of each and every problem. Every house be it a hut or a mansion will have a T.V.. The amount of time people spend on it, the disturbance caused to the elderly people due to T.V. is having a severe impact on each and every person of the society. Then the amount of money that is spent on buying technological devices like Home Theatre’s that are linked to the T.V., the amount of money spent on ears and eyesight problems as well as neck pains, cervicals etc. and the negative things they learn like crime, drugs has forced people to tell it a nuisance and a bane. But every object that has disadvantages has advantages as well. T.V. also has different advantages. It proves to be an entertainment for people in the world. From mothers to children, T.V. provides them with knowledge. In case of our mothers in fact for women it can prove to be helpful as they can learn new cooking recipes and try them out. Whereas certain T.V. channels prove to be a fun and informative channel and hence people consider it to be a blessing in this modern world of Technology.

T.V. though has caused some impact on our lives but it also helps us to rejuvenate ourselves. Therefore it is not necessary that T.V. has to be called ‘an Idiot Box’ but can prove to be helpful like other devices if they are used in a proper balance with all their uses and harms kept in the mind, then only T.V. can be a blessing than a nuisance.

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