S.St and Students- An old rivalry

Krithika Karthikeyan, Young Contributor
Tuesday, June 11, 2019

“History is who you are and why we are, the way we are”- David McCullough

“In the face of impossible odds, people who love the country can change it”- Barack Obama

“Geography is a subject which holds the key to our future”- Michael Pallin

Yes, you guessed right. All the above quotes are from one subject- Social Science.

Social Science is a subject beginning from elementary school. How many of us didn’t like S.St when we first learned it? Not much, right? I still remember the memories when we begged our S.St teacher in grade 3 to continue teaching for 15 minutes after the bell rang. Before you call me out a geek, think. Didn’t you like S.St for the first few years when you learned it? Almost 75% of us did. Then what do you think changed our mind-set? What or who gave us a grudge against S.St? The answer is obvious: High-school students.

No offense, high-schoolers. I’m not specifically mentioning you innocent people. I’m talking about the root cause of the problem. So this is how it might have started:
Some lazy high-schooler, tired of studying the dates and years, governmental factors and location of places must have called the elementary students and filled their heads with negative comments about S.St. After those elementary graders become seniors, they passed this on to the elementary graders. And then……..well, you get it. That rumor just spread like wildfire, grasping each and every student. Now, S.St is biased, and the students who do like S.St are called ‘geeks’, ‘nerds’, ‘dorks’ etc. I could go on naming all of them because I have been called each one of them. But why should I change according to them?

At grade 5, I began thinking that then I was close to going to middle school, so I had to start hating S.St or else I was going down. I began telling nasty comments about S.St and that seemed to do the trick. People didn’t call me names and they began considering me as a ‘moderate’. I figured that if I keep up the act for a few months, I can enter the ‘cool’ range. But after pretending for 1 month, I thought deeply. Were these people doing me a favor? No. Were they giving me something worth in return for my comments? No. Then why should I change? I had my opinions and they had theirs. Why should I abide to them? Besides, I literally COULDN’T hate such a fascinating subject. So I was pushed out the moderate range. I was back to geek. But I didn’t care what they thought. Even if I was alone, I was an S.St topper and lover and I was proud to be one. I was unique.

To quote Paolo Coelho, “When you say ‘yes’ to others make sure you don’t say ‘no’ to yourself. To quote myself, “If you like S.St, don’t be silent. Scream it out loud, and make sure you are heard”.

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