28th Martyrdom day of Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi observed

Friday, May 24, 2019

Rich tributes were paid to former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi by a cross section of the Indian community in Kuwait on May 21, 2019 marking his 28th Martyrdom day at a solemn meeting organised by the Rajiv Gandhi Awards Committee (RGAC) at the residence of RGAC Chairman, Markos Williams.

Dr. Mrs. Aji Jose and Abraham David commenced the proceedings by lighting the traditional lamp.
Speakers from the Hindu, Muslim and Christian community signifying national harmony, addressed the gathering on the life and sacrifice of Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

The Chief Guest Speaker of the evening, Archbishop Dr. Sekhar Bonthapuri of the Kuwait Evangelical Lutheran Church highlighted the role of Rajiv Gandhi in curbing corruption, nation building and technological development.
Speaking on the occasion, Sunoj Nambiar said that Rajiv Gandhi was a firm believer in the principles of secularism and he exhorted all Indians to remove the mental partitions which obstruct the ennobling vision of the human family linked together in peace and prosperity.

Dr. John Joy recalled Rajiv Gandhi’s role in the integration of the North Eastern region with the rest of India despite the vast cultural, ethnic and religious differences.

Mohammed Rafi Ismail stated that Rajiv Gandhi played a significant role in ushering India into the 21st century with his tremendous vision.

Quoting Rajiv Gandhi, Markos Williams said ”Our traditions of tolerance and assimilation are threatened by fundamentalism, communalism, regionalism and other such isms based on intolerance and violence that mislead in projecting simplistic solutions to highly complex problems”.

The Anti Terrorism Pledge taken on the occasion to “ Work for the emotional oneness and harmony of all the people of India regardless of caste creed, religion or language and to resolve all differences through dialogue and constitutional means without resorting to violence” was administered by Ms Aparna Sashidharan to all attendees.

At the conclusion of the meeting floral tributes were paid by all at a portrait of the Indian leader Rajiv Gandhi.

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