Hunt your Easter Eggs

Vishnu Balram, IIK Young Contributor
Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Hope you all had an Egg-cellent Easter.

Do you all like the brightly coloured eggs that are used as gifts on the occasion of Easter? For kids, the highlight of Easter is always Easter eggs, and what demarcates Easter from other festivals is the game ‘egg hunt’. Parents hide the coloured eggs in the house or garden so that children may amuse themselves by discovering them. Egg hunt brings the whole family together by spotting the clues and finishing the adventure with a delicious, chocolatey treat.

What is the best part of finding Easter eggs? ……surprises hidden inside……Do we ever hunt Easter Eggs on a daily basis? Never… I feel that we fail to notice the ‘Easter eggs’ or the ‘little surprises’ that life offers us. Each day holds a lot of treasures for us. Life gives us clues. But we ignore the serendipity of life. Life is a tapestry of events and we should be aware of the graced moments of life, that is, the healthy dose of magic that revitalizes our spirits.

We often underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a hug, a listening ear, or an honest complement. These might be ‘Easter Eggs’ for a few. An affectionate hug or a comforting pat from my parents, a chocolate shared by my brother, jokes cracked by friends on my way to school, a complement the teachers give me, a beautiful sunrise or sunset,…..all of these are magic concoctions that reinvigorate me. One spark of happiness scatters millions of my sorrows and anxieties; one word of appreciation ignites my confidence. I believe that we just need to have an eye to identify the treasures or surprises, nay ‘Easter eggs’.

Many people complain that their life is monotonous. But ironically, when life showers a pleasant surprise, they are unhappy because it was not what they had expected for. We might accidentally stumble upon something that is incredible when we are in the lookout for something inconspicuous. So, we need to create space for wonders in our lives. Many confectionery companies have exploited the human craving for surprises and commercialised this idea, which culminated in the huge success of the concept of surprise eggs, where hollow chocolate eggs are filled with small toys and trinkets that children break open and are dutifully “surprised”!

Do we receive an avalanche of ‘Easter eggs’ or goodies? Not always..… The best things always come in small packages. We should not expect miracles to happen in life but need to live frugally on the tiny surprises that life offers us every day. Sheer bliss might seep in through a door that we did not know was open. At times when we are crestfallen, surprises act as the elixir that fires our zeal. Surprises account for majority of the blessings that we receive in life. As Mark Oliver Everett aptly opined, “Life is so full of unpredictable beauty and strange surprises”.

Surprises are indeed pabulum for the soul. Solicitude will just pass through like water in a sieve if we open our minds and hearts to the precious gifts of life and embrace the prodigious twists and turns. Let us not swim around in our own glass bowls of stale water but rather navigate our life with purity and curiosity. We need to identify the moments of magical benediction. Let us all be volunteers of serendipity. It’s time to find life’s hidden treasures. Are you all ready to hunt for ‘Easter eggs’?

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