IBAK - Junior Badminton Championship 2019

Sunday, May 5, 2019

The Indian Badminton Association Kuwait (IBAK) organized the Junior Badminton Championship 2019. This event was held at Salwa for 2 days on 25th & 26th April 2019. More than 200 participants participated enthusiastically in this tournament. There were total 8 different categories for boys and girls following Under 10 to under 19 age group in Singles and doubles.

All the participants were from different clubs and schools around Kuwait. The tournament was magnificent success.

Its spring season in IBAK; yes, they are fostering the young buds in badminton. As part of its vision to nurture the young talents in Kuwait, the Indian Badminton Association of Kuwait (IBAK) has elongated their reach in all age groups. This time, it was our future talents. IBAK conducted its first of its kind tourney which focuses on young buds with IBAK Junior Badminton Championship 2019. Last weekend showcased the real talents veiled in our young kids. The tourney witnesses young kids clashing for grandeur from all over Kuwait from different areas, clubs, coaching centers.

The tourney commenced on Thursday 25th April and went on till next day night with full house spectators witnessing nail biting matches of their favorites. The sheer pace and skill at this event were arguably second to none for spectators to witness over the course of the weekend. On Friday, the final day of the tournament, the scores posted leading up to the final match were too close to predict which team would emerge victorious. The tourney was fought in eight categories which led to seize more participation from all age groups of kids.

Competition witnessed impressive performance by all participated. With many close fought and spirited matches. Following are the Outstanding Players in the tournament

Under 10 Boys – Varun Siva
Under 10 Girls – Angel Subin
Under 13 Boys – Rohan Vagvala
Under 13 Girls – Nikhitha Rebello
Under 16 Boys – Ajay Mathew
Under 19 Boys – Manas Manoj
Under 19 Girls – Anjaly Alex

Final results of the tournament

Under 10 Boys Singles
Winner Addison Sumesh
Runner up Aditya Anaikumar

Under 10 Boys Doubles
Winner Aditya Anaikumar + Nehyan Mohammed Yassir
Runner up Addison Sumesh + Advay Pradeep

Under 10 Girls Singles
Winner Shruti Vagvala
Runner up Kamya Chandrahas

Under 10 Girls Doubles
Winner Angel Subin + Shruti Vagvala
Runner up Kamya Chandrahas + Afrigail

Under 13 Boys Singles
Winner Shrihari Ganga
Runner up Chase Sijo

Under 13 Boys Doubles
Winner Chase Sijo + Shrihari Ganga
Runner up Advay Ravindra Tapi + Jack Abraham Samuel

Under 13 Girls Singles
Winner Neha Susan Biju
Runner up Ramesh Kamalini

Under 13 Girls Doubles
Winner Anjana Sajeev + Neha Susan Biju
Runner up Ramesh Kamalini + Thomas Emil

Under 16 Boys Singles
Winner Varun Shriram
Runner up Ajay Mathew

Under 16 Boys Doubles
Winner Aidan Aneesh Mathew + Dhruva Bharadwaj
Runner up Ajay Mathew + Surya Manoj

Under 19 Boys Singles
Winner Sarvesh Rajkumar
Runner up Chris Sijo

Under 19 Boys Doubles
Winner Chris Sijo + Varun Sriram
Runner up Manoj Manas + Sarvesh Rajkumar

Under 19 Girls Singles
Winner Shrivalli Ganga
Runner up Srisha N

Under 19 Girls Doubles
Winner Shrivalli Ganga + Srisha N
Runner up Fiona Cabral + Niyati Pradeep

IBAK coaching has regular full time coaching for various categories including beginners, intermediate and advance level with certified full time coach. Those who are interested can contact at [email protected] for further details.


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