Kuwait to install Security cameras in 37 new facilities

Monday, March 11, 2019

In order to strengthen the monitoring and security of the country and the safety of the citizens, the Council of Ministers has decided to add 37 more government facilities and markets in the country to the list of places which are already protected by the CCTV cameras.

The new list includes mosques, places of worship, marinas, shooting ranges, oil facilities, oilfields, refineries, fuel reservoirs, oil ports, infrastructure facilities such as power and water desalination plants, gas plants, sewage purification plants, irrigation units, telecom centers, marine, land and air exits, Kuwaiti islands, artificial marine structures, the seafront, custom warehouses, diplomatic areas, radio and TV facilities, KUNA premises, satellite TV and radio stations, educational facilities, free trade zones, public transport buses and ferries, health facilities, ambulances, press and publication houses, industrial areas, public libraries, labor hostels, the scrap market, investment and commercial residential complexes, markets, marine and sports clubs, spas, gyms, recreation centers, museums, theatres and cinemas, Kuwait bourse, mobile ATM trucks, money transport trucks, parking spaces and buildings, charities, NGOs, touristic facilities, parks, conservations, cafes, wedding halls, cemeteries and stores selling military and marine, fishing and hunting equipment.

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